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About Vanadzor

Vanadzor’s beautiful setting in the foothills of mounts Pambak and Bazum, in the valley of the Pambak River is, alas, not carried on throughout its streets and squares. Years of Soviet rule have given the town centre a distinctly utilitarian and straight-laced feel, while abandoned chemical factories of that era litter the valley below, contrasting harshly with the beautiful wildernesses of the Lori Province as a whole. That said, mild weather, mineral springs and the now fresh air are today attracting more and more travellers (especially domestic ones) to the famous mineral spa hotels that have sprung up in the area. The town has museums, churches and theatres to visit too, and Vanadzor tour guides also offer day trips out to see the UNESCO-attested monasteries of Sanahin and Haghpat, alongside rural dairy farms and poppy-peppered fields.

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