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Review for Feel Armenia , Tour guide in Vagharshapat, Armenia

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Review for Artur Harutyunyan, Tour guide in Vagharshapat, Armenia

About Vagharshapat

The epicentre of all things religious for followers of the Armenian Apostolic Church, Vagharshapat proudly puts forward one of the most fascinating displays of ancient architecture and devotional art in the country. It is crowned by the great UNESCO World Heritage Site of Etchmiadzin Cathedral, constructed way back in the 4th century AD, when Gregory the Illuminator zealously embraced the new Christian faith of the land. Subsequent centuries were to see Persian and Soviet invaders come this way, yet this historic capital has remained firmly established as a veritable Vatican of the East. Consequently, it is a popular tourism hotspot, and Vagharshapat tour guides are quick to champion the quality of the Byzantine artefacts that linger here, between the religious complex of the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin, the St. Hripsimé church and the Zvarnots Cathedral.

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