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About Ijevan

Legend has it that an ancient king once gathered all the best-looking people in Armenia to create a city of beautiful folk high in the hills. Ijevan is supposed to be the product of that progeny some 2,000 years on, settled high up in the Tavush marz region of eastern Armenia. Whether the tale is true or not, there's no question about the town's handsome locales, with its cascading wine terraces falling and rising through the Gugark mountains, and the Agshtev River flowing through its centre. As an old caravan stopover on the main trade routes into Anatolia, there are also plenty of historical relics to see in the town. Get your Ijevan tour guide to show the leafy reaches of the Makaravank Monastery, the majestic spire and brick architecture of the Kirants Monastery and the Gandzakar village monastery and Arakelots Monastery of Kirants as well. Apart from that, it's just a matter of flitting between the walks of Ijevan's Sculpture park and the rugged trails of the Yenokavan Canyon, hiking all the way up to the caves of Lastiver.

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