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About Armenia

Armenia is a gem of the Eurasian Caucasus and one of the most widely-recognised geographical gateways from Eastern Europe to the continent of Asia. Noticeably landlocked betwixt on the highlands of Turkey and Azerbaijan, its inland ranges are some of the most dramatic in the region, finding their pinnacle at the stratovolcano of Mount Aragats just north of the capital and opening up a myriad of forests and rugged valleys where visitors can hike and explore without end. 
Most Armenia tourist guides will point you to the much-visited lakeside town of Sevan, or the culturally-loaded capital of Yerevan, while others may recommend a number quieter, more off-the-beaten-track sights, like the smattering of quaint villages that cluster around the Debed River canyons, or the onion-domes and old Russian homesteads of Gyumri in the north.
Whatever you do, be sure to sample the famous Harissa wheat-meat porridge that’s made super fresh in the more remote corners of the country, and don’t leave without tasting the regional Oghi vodka (preferably one not brewed by the backcountry moonshiners!).