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From our very first contact with Silvita we knew we were in good hands!  And our first impressions were correct.  While Silvita was not ... More more right

Review for Silvita Barbero, Tour guide in Ushuaia, Argentina

Paula is an extremly helpful und knowedgeable  personal guide who cared a lot.She organised my transport from the airport with a reliable ... More more right

Review for Paula Barreneche, Tour guide in Ushuaia, Argentina

About Ushuaia

Touting its ‘southernmost city in the world’ epithet proudly, Ushuaia is in the throes of a touristic boom, drawing masses of travellers to its wild seat between the rugged Martial Mountains and the icy swells of the Beagle Channel at the extreme tip of Argentinian Patagonia.

As all the sports outfitters peppering the waterfront shopping strips here indicate, Ushuaia is every inch the veritable haven for adventure travel one would expect of a town, encompassed by the hiking trails of the Martian Glacier and the Tierra del Fuego National Park, the pistes of the Cerro Castor ski field and the waterways of the Beagle Channel ideal for diving or kayaking. And while any Ushuaia tour guide will be quick to note its prominence as the port of call for all Antarctica bound cruises, there’s also a growing abundance of activities in town. So, why not head down to the Maritimo or Presidio Museums, pull up a chair and chat travel stories with fellow ramblers at the bubbling bars on San Martin, catch a train to the end of the world, or sample the earthy Patagonian kitchen amidst the budding gastronomic joints of the centre?

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