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About Salta

Salta derives its name from the Aymara word “sagta” meaning “very beautiful”, and truly lives up to its definition.  Blessed with an all- diverse terrain over multiple eco systems comprising lush rainforests, hills, volcanoes and salt flats, the city’s topography is complemented by rich colonial architecture, lovingly preserved by the city and its citizens.
A Salta tour guide will open up this window into colonial America with a visit to the 18th century Cabildo (town hall government building), the neoclassical Cathedral, and many other significant landmarks such as the Church of Saint Francis, the Ninth of July Plaza, and the Province State Theater. Don’t miss a visit to the Museum of High Mountain Archaeology, featuring invaluable insights into the area’s Inca heritage way before the Spanish colonization of this area. Nature’s generosity fosters a wide range of adventure sports but for a one of a kind experience catch the Train to the Clouds, the highest railways in the world that offers picturesque views as it traverses valleys and the steep hills of the Andes. Still on a high note, take a wine tour in the Calchaqui Valley, home to the highest vineyards above sea level. For another kind of high, take a cable car up to San Bernardo Hill at sunset to catch panoramic views of Salta and the Lerma Valley. 

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