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About Mar del Plata

Known as “La Felíz” or “The Happy City”, Mar del Plata is a tourist’s paradise on the coast of Argentina. With an economic focus on tourism, Mar del Plata’s beautiful natural ambience of vast sandy beaches, cliffs and bays is enhanced with great dining, top-notch hotels, and fantastic entertainment options such as casinos, theaters, and more.
As a port city, Mar del Plata offers amazing options for seafood and fishing. A visit to the Marina, whether to watch the boats come in with catches of the day, or book a charter for a day of sport fishing will guarantee you glimpses of Mar del Plata’s sea life- a wide array of fish and sea creatures as well as sea lions and many beautiful ocean birds. Your Mar Del Palata will direct you to most attractive expanses of beaches at La Perla in the north or Chica and Grande Beaches for water sports and lounging during the day, and a vibrant nightlife at night. Mar del Plata also has some of the best golf courses in South America, and has five international level courses. Other must-see attractions include Villa Victoria Ocampo Cultural Center, the Mar del Plata Aquarium, and Laguna Sierra de los Padres. 

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