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About Cordoba

Encompassed by the ridges of the mighty Sierras Chicas, and watered by the snaking Suquia River, Argentina’s second city Cordoba sits right at the heart of the country; best described as a metropolitan city fielding an impressive colonial history.

With UNESCO tags peeping through every crack and crevice of its Spanish churches and colonial missions, the newly inscribed Jesuit Block makes for some seriously chart-topping sightseeing (complete with the exquisite Los Capuchinos and Manzana of the Jesuits). Of course, there are museums to match the historical legacy too, ranging from the Marquis of Sobremonte Provincial exhibition, to the impressive art of the Museo Palacio Ferreyra.

Cordoba tour guides will also tell you about the youthful energy and modern vibe that runs strong here. Consequently, travellers can easily lose themselves between the endless outlets of the Dinosaurio Mall and Patio Olmos, the Gaucho taverns of the centre, and the sleepless merengue dance bars, while others will leave invigorated by the contemporary art fairs and thought-provoking performances of the city’s various theatres.

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