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Sergey showed an outstanding guiding on peak Lenin while bringing me and my wife to the top. We hope to finish Snow Leopard program with his company ... More more right

Review for Sergey Baranov, Tour guide in Aconcagua, Argentina

About Aconcagua

Creeping high above the snow-powdered, rock-cragged ridges of the Argentine Andes, Aconcagua rises nearly 7,000 meters, making it the highest peak in the country, in South America, and both the Western and Southern hemispheres. This makes the mighty mount an object of desire for the most intrepid mountaineers with their crampons set for the fabled Seven Summits.

Surrounding it is the Valle de las Vacas and the protected Aconcagua Provincial Park, which has sweeping views of grassy valley bottoms and cloud-shattering ranges. There, you can do hikes that have views across to the summit of Aconcagua, embark on cross-country skiing expeditions, or conquer the trekking routes up to Plaza de Mulas – the base camp.

If you are aiming to make an attempt on the top, it's important to enlist a trained Aconcagua tour guide. They can aid you in plotting a route up the normal trail, the easiest and quickest ascent that's largely non-technical. Or, they can suggest challenging clambers over the Polish Glacier, across the main traverses, and up the more demanding south-facing slopes.

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