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About Argentina

Argentina boasts a unique co-mingling of bustling urbanization and breathtaking nature, enticing a range of tourists who simply cannot overlook its’ versatile draw. It would be hard to address all the attraction that makes this Latin American country the dream destination it has become, but an effort will be made regardless.
First, and most importantly, the food and drink; homemade wine overflows from fresh, locally grown grapes that make wine tours and tastings a trip on its’ own. This homegrown spirit pairs well with the nation’s world-revered beef, empanadas, and pastries. As any Argentina tour guide will remind you, lunch is often a huge meal with dinner eaten very late at night.
So what to in between these standard eating times? Argentina’s photo-worthy landscapes are enough to fill an entire week’s time. The powerful Andes offer high deserts and scenic lakes, the Iguazu Falls rival Niagara’s, while a horse ride through Glaciers National Park is an experience too majestic to skip. Festivals, the fiery tango and shops overtake the rest of the region, beckoning tourists to explore every corner of the country with eagerness and pleasure.  

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