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Cette journée avec Georges (qui est aussi francophone) est mémorable. Nous avons fait le tour d'à peu près tous les lieux à ne pas manquer à ... More more right

Review for Georges Thomas, Tour guide in Antigua and Barbuda, Antigua and Barbuda

About Antigua and Barbuda

This dual-island Caribbean country offers two different personalities amidst the same vibrant turquoise water. Antigua is a bustling hub of tourism and residential life, with varied bays, 365 beaches, water sports, resorts, and an active nightlife. On the other hand, Barbuda is home to just 2% of the nation’s people and sees far fewer visitors, often attracting bird watchers and yachters seeking its’ remote beaches. While any Antigua or Barbuda tour guide can tell you that both islands offer the same tropical weather and British-infused West Indian spirit, each provide tourists with their own recipe for paradise.
Antigua’s small island provides the amenities of any other resort-ridden getaway without feeling overwhelmed by its’ size. Historic sites, water sports, and exhilarating nightlife are spread throughout the island. While some areas are known for high tourism rates, other bays boast just a few resorts, beachside bars, and private homes. Those seeking even greater isolation might prefer Barbuda, whose three exclusive resorts line untouched beaches and visitors are not catered to as tourists but simply exist alongside the island’s natives.

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