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About Angola

Angola is only just emerging from decades of political and military upheaval; a land ravaged by civil war and virtually entirely off the radar for most casual travelers. However, as more and more intrepid types opt to throw caution to the Atlantic winds and make for the nation that forms the very heart of south-west Africa, its wonderful backcountry delights and curious cultural makeup are becoming ever clearer to the world.

Just take the snaking S-bends of the Serra de Leba Mountains or peer down the ravines of the Tundavala gap set deep in the inland of Huila Province, for sweeping vistas of scrub-dressed escarpments and dusty valleys dotted with hoodoos. The roaring Kalandula Falls, the largest by volume on the entire continent, can be found in the beautiful Malanje Province, home to the legend filled Black rocks too. Luanda, the capital itself is one sprawling oil-fuelled metropolis of lights, pumping Atlantic-side promenades and haphazard shantytowns while close by, surfers can head to Cabo Ledo for some world-class waves. Moreover, safari enthusiasts can now seek out the likes of Kissama and Quicama National Parks, Angola’s leading grasslands that the country is trying to repopulate with wildlife.

Angola tour guides are available in places like Mbanza Congo, Namibe and Luanda to help travelers explore the natural highlights, tribal hinterlands and colonial remnants of their largely untouched nation.

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