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As trained tour guides, we have worked with some of the most outstanding guides in the world and Lydia was right at the top. She was timely, thorough ... More more right

Review for Lydia Sekouri, Tour guide in Andorra, Andorra

About Andorra

Draped over the very roof of the Pyrenees, betwixt Spanish Catalonia and sun-splashed Languedoc-Roussillon of France, the pint-sized Principality of Andorra draws a whopping 10 million travelers to its high-perched lands each year. Skiing and snowboarding dominate during the winter, with resorts like Arinsal, Pas de la Casa and Soldeu bringing up the offering with all-new connected areas that spill out over the borders into France. La Rabassa, meanwhile, offers the top ski touring in the south, while summertime opens up the hiking trails. They weave their way to the tips of Pic de Medecourbe, around the shimmering mountain lakes of Montmantel, through the rural parishes of Ordino and La Massana, and over the ridges on the edge of the Ariege Mountains. Europe’s most altitudinous capital is also on the menu, straddling two beautiful valleys in the midst of the eastern Pyrenees. Here, Andorra tour guides reveal stone-clad cottages and streets, the whitewashed Romanesque facades of the Saint Stephen Church and plenty of duty-free shopping opportunities to boot.

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