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It was be very interesting and adventurous. More more right

Review for Mohamed Lemine El Hassen

This was a real treat for my  first weekend in Algeria. I was picked me up from my hotel and taken for a walking tour ... More more right

Review for Algeria Tours

In a word..amazing. We were unbelievably fortunate to book Mohamed, and at relatively short notice. His initial communication was ... More more right

Review for Mohamed Halouani

Top Private Tour Guides in Algeria

Mohamed Halouani

1 Review

I am a Tunisian native with the profound passion for travel and history into a creative and diversified educational career, designing and carrying out multiple archaeological and cultural trips for institutions, such as The Detroit Institute of Art, the Textile Museum, the American Museum of Natural History, Cross-Cultural Adventurers and many more organizations. After having received my degrees in English ... more

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Mohamed Lemine El Hassen

3 Reviews

Dear client I am a local guide in Mauritania  for tour operation and I  started as a tour guide since 2008 my company  has served many tourists from over the world. I have in my organisation good local guides who can operate tours successfully. more

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Desert Akakus

Organizzatore di viaggi in camper, trekking, fly and drive e in fuoristrada. il Cameroun. Pratica sci alpino, snowboard, trekking e windsurf. Viaggiatore nei 5 continenti, dal medio Oriente alle Americhe, dall’India all’Australia propone i migliori e interessanti itinerari adatti ad ogni mezzo, nella piu’ completa sicurezza all’insegna di una vacanza tranquilla e rilassante.Experience in organizing ... more

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Tope Toba Toba

Toba, a Born and Bread in Africa, I am proudly African, speaking french, Spanish and English and residing in Africa I have conducted more than 500 Tours in Africa, for companies in the United States, Australia, Singapore, United Kingdom, France, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Angola, from Day City Tour, to Cultural experience, Wildlife, Business, special interest to many other. ... more

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Noureddine Miloudi

Hi there! Wassup I'm simply Tuareg guy,  ..Sahara raised me, Djanet is my home town ... I'm organizing trips through desert, Tadrart region, Ihrir Oasis, Erg Admer... best tourists destinations of all time. Don't ever hesitate to take a place, jump down and explore the beauty of Sahara, and the extream South east of Algeria with ... more

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Moussa Ayoub

Moussa Tuareg guide Djanet and organizer of trekking, 18 years of experience of tourism, offers trips to the heart of the Sahara Tassili n'jjer Discover the heritage and civilization in a desert wonder. It has guided many groups, from many countries around the world, around Djanet. I am a lover of the desert that I share with all those who love the freedom of nature, is the fruit of a meeting, a friendship ... more

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Nehad Benz

I would love to offer amazing programmes for tours in my country. You will be so welcome and you will live the best experience. more

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i am Mahdjoub Abdelkarim    i was  working  lik hotel receptionnst   sinc  2009   and   with time  i feel  that the tourist   need    to  be  out more  than  stay at hotel  so     my first     step lik  guide it was  with my freinds    when i was  working    in ... more

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