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Review for Taulant Pjetergjokaj, Tour guide in Valbonë Valley National Park, Albania

About Valbonë Valley National Park

Right at the southernmost end of the Dinaric range, where the airs are warm and peaks formed from sun-cracked limestone, the Valbonë Valley National Park is home the last summits of the mighty Alps. Also known as the Accursed Mountains (or the Prokletije in the local lingo) – no doubt, for the formidable array of still-unclimbed rock faces and jagged, dagger-like peaks that abounds – they soar to more than 2,600 meters above sea level with Maja Jezercë. There are few marked and maintained hiking routes crisscrossing these wildernesses, which means intrepid visitors will need to engage a qualified Valbonë Valley National Park tour guide to help them string together an itinerary for rambling over the passes. There's plenty to include, from the sparkling waters of the alpine Xhemas Lake to the hulking dome of Zla Kolata Mountain on the very border between Albania and Montenegro, all encircled by swathes of fir forest and winding rivers that are largely untrodden and unknown.

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