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About Theth

There's something truly enchanting about traveling to Theth, a remote hamlet that overlooks the rugged tops of the Valbona Valley from its perch high up in the Albanian Mountains. It begins with the trip in from historic Shkodër, when the tarmac turns to dusty, rock-peppered terrain and the land becomes all too consumed by blankets of thick forest cover. Timber-built mountain shacks and cafes and real-stone guesthouses currently pepper the stone formations and ridges that cascade to the winding Nanrreth River. Nearby, the wonderful Grunas waterfalls and Blue eye lake provide the piece de resistance for Theth tour guides leading some memorable hiking trails into the national park. Within town itself, visitors can look to visits to the Lock in Tower and church, and strolls through expansive meadows, before settling down to sip plum rakija with the locals over hearty plates of Albanian dumplings. Not a wonder then that Theth’s unique charm is making it increasingly popular on the Albanian holiday planner’s trip itinerary!

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