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About Shkoder

Between the formidable bluff rise of Rozafa Castle on the city’ south-western edge to the jagged peaks of the Albanian Alps in the north, the lakeside city of Shkoder is one of the country’s undisputed gems of history, culture and natural beauty.

The earliest settlements here have been dated to around the 3rd century BC, making Shkoder one of Europe’s oldest metropolitan centres. In more recent decades the town has experienced a turbulent course of annexation, occupation and liberation, but has emerged from it all with a newfound flair and character. Recent renovations have given the downtown centres of Sheshi and Kol Idromeno a pleasant European feel, complete with bustling cafes and cobbled side streets, while the Molo Promenade is the perfect place to go for relaxing walks along the riverside.

The city is famed for its bike-friendly infrastructure, and taking two-wheeled tours around the various churches and mosques has become one of the most popular activities here. For shoppers and souvenir seekers, Shkoder Tour guides recommend the Bazaar of the Artisans near the entrance to town, a treasure trove not to be missed.

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