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About Sarande

Do you crave an exotic Mediterranean vacation but dread breaking the bank to get there? Then Saranda, Albania is the place for you! As one of the rare Mediterranean beach towns offering adequate accommodations for less than 50 euro per night, Saranda is one of the most travelled tourist stops in the country. After all, its’ glistening waterside locale and shorefront nightlife barely scrape the surface of Saranda’s appeal.
Borshi boasts the longest stretch of beach on the Ionian Sea, while The Blue Eye’s natural spring are so deep and fruitful that it was once a private getaway for Communist’s most elite members.
Seranda’s inland attractions are just as enticing; archaic ruins from the 5th and 6th centuries tell stories of monasteries and synagogues, and nearby Butrint is a revered piece of history, with remains of the Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires. Whether you seek a peek into the past or serenity in the present, there’s no more affordable and authentic place than Saranda, Albania. 

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