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About Pogradec

It's easy to see why Albania's former communist leaders (including Enver Hoxha, the supreme amongst them) flocked to pretty Pogradec in such high numbers. The town certainly has the location, bang on the shores of the Lake Ohrid, and surrounded by the snow-capped mountains of Kamja and Guri i Topit serrating the horizon. And while it certainly cut its teeth as a resort for the political luminaries of the 1950s, 60s and 70s, it's been a point of interest for centuries, evidenced by the ancient tombs of Selca and the 6th -7th century mosaics uncovered in village Lin. The Romans used it as a trading post, Turkish explorers extolled its beauty, and today, more and more people are flocking to what is now an up-coming resort each year. Pogradec tour guides offer trips out to Drilon and Tushemisht, accompanied with local meals of Tavë Korani and raki, while festivals like the Lake Day (think Albanian crafts) and the December Wine Fest only add to the attraction.

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