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About Durres

Enjoying great stretches of beachfront on the warm Adriatic, the city of Durres has long been one of the favoured resorts for Albanian locals in the summer. An array of waterside strips of hotels and clubs oozes with life during the warmer months, with more luxurious retreats popping up all the time.
While Durres’ modern character and close proximity to Tirana lend it a distinct urban feel, it’s ancient past is still unquestionably its defining feature. The city is home to a palimpsest of ancient ruins and artifacts, dating back all the way to the 7th century BC, when this small coastal peninsula was first colonised by sailors out of Greek Corinth. Of these, the most impressive is unquestionably the city’s amphitheatre, the largest Roman structure of its kind in all of the Balkans. In addition, Durres tourist guides often recommend a walking route around the old city walls, where various medieval additions like the Tophane Well can be spotted built into bulwarks.
What’s more, in the early summer the Open Port Festival showcases some of the harbour town’s most interesting historical maritime vessels, while the Durres International Film Festival in late August brings together some of the best filmmakers from the Balkans and Eastern Europe as a whole.

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