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Having never used Tour HQ before, I am hugely impressed. The service was easy to use and convenient. Erjon was an excellent guide who ... More more right

Review for Erjon Xhepa

We’ve passed a beautiful weekend exploring the Albanian Alps with Nertil. An excellent guy, very passionate about what is doing. He ... More more right

Review for Nertil Lama

We had the priveledge to have Bris be our guide in Tirana and a couple other parts of Albania.  He has a lot of love and ... More more right

Review for Brisejd Lalaj

Top Private Tour Guides in Albania

Arben Kola

52 Reviews

Hello my friends! I am Arben, a tour guide from and living in Tirana, Albania. As a graduate in tourism and hospitality, I have more than 7 years of experience as a tour guide in the territories of Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia. Most of my tours are a mix of cultural, historic, outdoors activities. I work as a freelancer and contractor for different international and Albanian travel ... more

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Adam Picaku

8 Reviews

I am a professional licensed tourist guide, working on tours all over Albania and Balkans. I enjoy showing visitors the rich cultural and natural heritage of my country and help them understand the ancient and modern life here.I have full UK driving license since 2009 and also I have full Albanian driving license since 1996. I own 3 vehicles. 1-) Sedan Mercedes Benz, 4+1. 2-) Mercedes Benz Viano, ... more

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Migen Avdullaj

9 Reviews

Hi everyone, I have been a guide here in Albania since 2011, I truly enjoy showing others my homeland and having fun with new friends.  The tours that I have done have taken me all over Albania, from the widely known areas to the hidden gems of my country.  It is difficult for me to say which “tour” is my favourite, as each one has been very unique and interesting.  If you are ... more

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Erion Puca

7 Reviews

I knew it was going to be hard.. I knew it was going to be a lot of work. I just didn’t realize how much work would turn out to be.Guiding a tour is exhausting, but fun work. There’s a lot of pressure as you’re in charge of these people and their holiday. If you mess up, you mess up their holiday. They put their faith into your hands, and while you can only do your best with some things being out of ... more

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Dorian Disha

6 Reviews

The Story of Being a King.Once upon a time in the far, far away communist kingdom of Albania, while the majority of the world was celebrating Christmas, Albania was celebrating the most traditional and communist feast, the New year Eve….….was born me..Living in the communist kingdom was difficult and hard but by mother, a biology teacher cultivated me with love and care for nature and living creatures. ... more

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Marjen RAMA

2 Reviews

Hi Everybody! It has been already 4 years in guiding, and I am loving this job more and more everyday! Meeting new people and showing them my country, is truely a very special job! Tirana is my home town, but like any city, if you would like to visit in Albania, I will be more than happy to guide you!Thank you! more

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Marjela is a Super Guide: Super Guides are experienced and highly rated guides who are committed to providing great experiences for their clients.

Marjela Proda

4 Reviews

Hello. I am Marjela. I know this city as we grow up together, me getting older and the town getting bigger and better but most important becoming known and opened for visitors from all over the world.Our tour will not only take you to the sites that all our guests see, it will also take you to the places in Saranda, usually enjoyed only from locals. I will give my 100 percent to make an unforgettable ... more

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Gezim Shimi

2 Reviews

HI everyone. I am Gezim from Tirana and since 2013 I'm working as a travel guide. I like hiking in the mountains, here in Albania we have a lot indeed. Another passion I have is cycling and I can offer some amazing bike tours in my city Tirana.I believe that here in Albania we have lots of beautiful places which have been unexplored for a long time. Now that the country is developing in ... more

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