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12 Days History tour itinerary for albania: Tour That Covers All In Albania

Berat, Butrint National Park, Çorovodë, Gjirokaster, Përmeti, Sarande, Tirana, Vlore

Mountaineering Tour
Nature Tour
History Tour
Tour that covers all in Albania

Lush fields of Albania


Embark on an adventure of lifetime as you visit some of the biggest towns of Albania to the rustic old villages, from mountains to sea, from amazing nature parks to canyons. Relish the taste of adventure, culture and luxury in this tour.

DAY 01


  • Pick-up at the airport and transfer to Tirana , capital of Albania.

  • Arrival and check in to the hotel. Start exploring Tirane center. Witness the Italian architecture of Tirana centre. Visit Bunk'Art, a cold war bunker turned into a museum. Proceed to Bllok, a famous downtown street full of Bar ,restaurants, and clubs.

  • Have dinner in a traditional restaurant to try the best Albanian dishes.

  • Overnight stay at the hotel.

DAY 02


  • We start early in the morning .Take a short stop in Durres. Famous for its amphitheater. Walk into Durres promenade and visit the biggest archaeological museum in Albania.

  • After that, we proceed to Berat, the city that forms a wonderful combination of eastern and western cultures.

  • Try the Albanian hospitality at some Turkish café and raki traditions, and outlook. Berat is a treasure-trove of Albanian history and culture, and a testament to the country’s tradition of religious harmony.

  • Visit Mangalemi, Gorica, and the castle, where the castle itself is located. In Mangalemi, below the castle, you can see the famous view of the façades of the houses, with windows that seem to stand above each other.

  • Walk Across the Osum River to the Gorica neighborhood, whose houses face those of Mangalemi. The arched bridge of Gorica, built in 1780, is a beautiful architectural monument constructed to link Gorica with Mangelemi.

  • Visit the Byzantine Church of Shën Mëhilli. You also can visit the Monastery of Shën Spiridhoni in Gorica.

  • Lunch and dinner with a Albanian family.

  • Overnight stay at the accommodation.

DAY 03

Explore an Old village and Hike to Sotira Waterfall Overnigjt Dardhe

  • We start early in morning  and drive towards Dardhe. Explore Dardhe as you visit an amazing waterfall and couple of lakes near the village, accompanied by the guide and the locals. Don't miss out on swimming at the Dardhe lakes

  • After this, start the hike to Sotira Waterfall (5-hour hike). The waterfall is situated near Berat, in a small village called Sotira from where the waterfall has derived its name.

  • After our visit to the waterfall, get back to the village to sleep in one of local houses.

  • Dinner includes traditional food.

  • Overnight stay at local family's house.

DAY 04

Hike on top of Tomorri

  • The city of Berat is a good starting point to explore Mount Tomorr, located 30-40 km away from the city. Mount Tomorr is famous for its mystical appearance; it looks like a giant lion standing behind the city. This is one of the highest mountains in Albania, reaching 2,416 meters. The forest is mostly made of beech, pine, maple, ash, and fir. Bears, wolves, foxes, weasels, and rabbits make up the park’s animal population. Mount Tomorr is perfect for mountain climbing, trekking, and other similar activities, and the area surrounding the mountain is an ideal place for camping.

  • Its going to be 4.5-hour hike to the top and 3-hour hike back to our destination.

  • Again overnight stay at Dardhe at the same local house.

DAY 05

Bogova waterfall Osumi Canyon Overnight Permet Nature and hike

  • Start with Bogova hiking and exploring Bogova Waterfall (1 hour hike).

  • Take a chance to dive into Bogova Waterfall ( its cold but nice to try).

  • Osumi Canyon Explore osumi canyon . Walk through the canyon.

  • Picnic lunch in canyons and start our journey into mountains to reach Permet.

  • Arrival and check-in at the hotel.

  • Dinner near the hotel.

  • Overnight stay at the hotel.

DAY 06

Explore thermal waters of permet

  • Today, we take a tour of Përmet, the city of flowers, unforgettable songs, and tranquility. Witness the Gurin e Qytetit (The City Stone), a surprising natural rock formation synonymous with the city. You should also visit the churches, especially the 18th-century Church of Leusa, famous for its icons and wood engravings, and the 12th-century Church of Shën Maria in Kosina.

  • Among the city’s traditional famous dishes, we will eat some of most traditional dishesh like ingjinari with olive oil, game meat (including boar) and delicious fish from the Vjosa. Also taste famous wines (cabernet, merlot, etc.) and the traditional raki.

  • Although it is a small city, Përmet is the birthplace of many well-known politicians, scientists, writers, musicians, and artists of Albania.

  • Next, we transfer to Frashër, 30 km away from the city. It is the birthplace of the Frashëri brothers

  • Traveling towards the village, you will pass through the Bredhi Hotovës National Park that gives you the chance to see an incredible view of firs, pines, and many freshwater springs. As you leave Përmet behind, the road heads toward towards the city of Leskoviku and the Greek border.

  • Visiting the thermal waters of Benja and the Valley of Lengarinca is another great experience. These waters flow from the beautiful canyons of two bridges: Ura e Kaikut and Ura e Dashit.

  • Overnight stay at the hotel.

DAY 07

Gjirokastra exploration

  • Today, you will visit Gjirkastra. Far less touristy than Berat, the town is equally charming, has several fascinating sights, as well as some excellent accommodation options.

  • Visit all historic monuments and then start driving to Sarande.

  • Visit the the Blue Eye Spring which is a magical place.

  • Visit new town of Sarande.

  • Next, you will visit Ksamil which is a place of beautiful paradise beaches with white sand and crystal clear waters. This relaxing town has a pleasant climate all year round.

  • Have lunch in Ksamil.

  • Check in to the hotel

  • Enjoy the coast of this small paradise in the evening.

  • Overnight stay at the hotel.

DAY 08

Visit Butrint

  • Today you will visit Butrint, which is known for its wetlands and ruins. The archaeological remains of Butrint are part of the natural woodland with a complex ecosystem which depends on the nearby freshwater Lake Butrint and the Vivari Channel.

  • Next, you will visit Kepi I Stillos located in Sarande. It is one of the most beautiful natural attractions in Albania. Unexplored by tourists. Unexplored Forests and untouched by human hands. Uncharted beaches offer the opportunity to swim and to feel the peace of the Ionian coast.

  • Two small islands are located close this area. You can swim to the island direction Almost a few people know the existence of two islands. It will be a destination that you will remember for a long time. During the climb and walking in the wild nature we will be guided by locals.

  • The luggage will be transported by a mule. Picnic with traditional food.

  • During the visit, we will visit a communist military unit. Already abandoned. The head of the pontoon is located opposite the Corfu island and offers the most beautiful sights of the Ionian.

  • Its going to be 7-hour hike.

  • Overnight Ksamil.

DAY 09

Albania’s rugged coastline, with traditional villages nestled in isolated bays and golden beaches lapped by turquoise waters. Since then Europe’s last untouched beaches have changed almost beyond recognition, but there’s still plenty of reason to come here and explore this magnificent coastline where the Adriatic and Ionian seas meet

  • Visit Bunec. This little charmer of a cove is often overlooked by travellers hurrying towards the bright lights of Saranda, a short distance beyond it. It is quiet and somewhat unusual, with a pebbly white beach divided by a river which runs down from the mountains above. The sunset here is gorgeous, and the beach is a good option for those looking for a bit more comfort while remaining in a pleasingly unspoilt place.

  • Explore Borsh, the largest unbroken stretch of beach in Albania, 7km-long. It is quite a sight as you approach it along the dramatic coastal road leading to the wide plain with the eponymous town spread out before you. Even more remarkable is that tourism has barely touched Borsh, despite its significant community and busy olive-oil production industry – the beach is backed by little more than a few makeshift restaurants and bars. 

  • Swim on Borsh.

  • Hike to Borsh Castle located on a hill 800 meters above sea level.

  • Later, visit Qeparo.

  • Situated 500 m above sea level, Qeparo is a beautiful Albanian village, which has maintained its form through centuries of political turmoil, and bears a weathered, wizened, and calm feeling, as if nothing could phase it. To walk through Qeparo is to encounter ways of life that have been lost for a century. 

  • Hike to upper Qeparo. The old village look like a fortress.

  • During our hike we will have the opportunity to enjoy stunning views. We can also try kayaking here.

  • Overnight in Qeparo.

DAY 10

See old churches ,enjoy the ionian beaches

  • Visit Himara, which is a small sunny town located in southern Albania. The area has a great potential, with the major characteristics of the municipal town being its seaside promenade the tavernas and the traditionally preserved old town built on a hill.

  • Visit the old town, Kastro, situated on and around the old castle and the coastal region. The region has several Orthodox churches and monasteries, built in the traditional Byzantine architecture , like the Monastery of the Cross, Athaliotissa, Saint Theodore.

  • Proceed to Llogara Pass, National Park of Llogara (Llogara Pass).

  • Check in to the hotel and prepare for hike.

  • In Llogara National Park, you will have the opportunity to see beautifully-shaped trees, formed by air currents, admire beautiful views of the Ionian Sea. One of the important tourist attractions is the Flag Pine tree which resembles the Albanian Eagle.

  • Have picnic lunch.

  • Get back to the hotel for an overnight stay.

DAY 11


  • Today, you will proceed to Tirana.

  • On our way back to Tirane, we will visit Vlora, the biggest coastal town of south. Famous as the city of independence . From here in 1912 Albanian Patriots announced the independence of Albania.

  • Visit centre of Vlore and the House of Independence

  • Drive to Apollonia.

  • Visit the ancient town of Apollonia . One of the oldest historic sites of Albania . Build during 7th-century BC, it is one of the biggest towns of Mediterranean.

  • Visit Apollonia Ruins and the Apollonia Monastery.

  • Overnight stay in Tirana.

DAY 12


  • If you have time, then we can go in a farm. See how they turned the military tunnels into winery. Try organic and authentic Albanian dishes.

  • End of the tour.

  • 1200 USD Per Adult (* prices are flexible )
  • Tour guide 

  • Professional driver 

  • Private transport for all itinerary 

  • Entrance fees for all itinerary ( park entrances ,museums etc 

  • Food ,Breakfast ,Lunch 

  • Vat tax 

  • City tax

  • Accommodation 3 star hotel or guest house . Twin or double room

  • Drinks 

  • Extra destinations 

  • Single supplement : +150 Euros for whole itinerary 

  • Dinner

  • This is an adventure tour.

  • We are going to sleep in local houses on our 2nd and 3rd day.

  • It's good to have hiking shoes and comfortable clothes. 

  • In local houses, on our 2nd and 3rd day, 4 persons can sleep in a room.

  • Food quality is great in this area .

  • Please understand some of the attractions are non-touristic areas but really beautiful to see. The people who are going to host or guide us are not trained to work on tourism and most of who don't know English.

  • Dardhe is a 700-year-old village and is located on Tomorri Mountain about 200 meters above the sea level. This village is famous for the nature and the unique views. The life here its seems like it stops 300 years before. The old typical houses are still preserve .Locals still keeps the traditions of the old times . Its an isolated village because also now days during the winter the cars couldn’t go there . This is a famous village for its beauty ,food ,tradition ,agriculture ,history ,natyre ,animals but not famous as a tourist destination. An amzing waterfall and 2 lakes nearby village We are trying together with some locals to show this beautiful village to the visitors.

  • Sotira Waterfall - This “small Niagara” as tourists call it, stems from Mount Tomorri which rises above the waterfall’s ground like a blue giant with its white peak. The waterfall has an altitude of 100 meters and is situated in front of a wonderful green meadow and surrounded by the houses of Sotira village inhabitants. Gramsh city is a small city located in the center of Albania, not much known for its tourism attractions. One of the most stunning landscapes in this district is the Sotira Waterfall. Sotira waterfall is one of pearls of the Albania’s natural mosaic, situated about 16 km away from Gramsh city. It has an altitude of 100 meters and it stems from Tomorri Mountain, the ground where the waterfall flows.The pristine touristic attraction has been used by the local residents of Sotira village as the nearest source of water for their agricultural and livestock activities. The village has a few residents, about only 20 houses but twenty years ago the village counted more than 120 houses. Most of the locals have emigrated to the city of Gramsh or in other cities inside or outside of the country.

  • Bogova Falls found in the lower quarters of the village with the same name, near the road for Skrapar. The excursion route follows the soft flow of the river, and it takes about 45 minutes to go down to the waterfall and its natural spring. On your way there, you can stop at a few picturesque villages long at the road. Villages in that region are well-known for growing fruit and grapes. On the Osum banks one can enjoy an unforgettable view. If you are curious to see a small town built in the first years of socialism, then you should stop at Poliçan. It is a small town established in early 1970, when is in socialism region decided to built an ammunition plant with Chinese expert assistance. Notable for its cold and cleaner mountain water source.

  • The edges of Osumi Canyon have an unusual ecosystem that preserves the greenery on both sides of the canyon year-round. Mediterranean bushes like heath and briar flourish along with rich flora and fauna. On the slopes of the canyon, erosion has created pockmarked cavern walls with small caves. Some of the rock formations in the canyon have fanciful names such as the Cathedral, the Eye, and the Demon’s Door. The canyons are 26 km (16 miles) long, at an altitude of 450 m. They are thought to have been formed 2-3 million years ago by water erosion.It is generally thought that many years ago the river flowed underground, but over time the rock above the river disappeared, creating the current form of the canyon. In the gulf of this canyon that passes Osum River in both its sides, water flows come from different villages which pass in a rock chain. The local inhabitants tell many interesting legends, such as those of Saint Abaz Ali. The canyon includes six narrow sections ranging from 1.5 m wide in the riverbed up to 35 m wide further up the sides of the canyon.

  • Defined by its castle, roads paved with chunky limestone and shale, imposing slate-roofed houses and views out to the Drina Valley, Gjirokastra is a magical hillside town described beautifully by Albania's most famous author, Ismail Kadare (b 1936), in Chronicle in Stone. There has been a settlement here for 2500 years, though these days it's the 600 'monumental' Ottoman-era houses in town that attract visitors. The town is also synonymous for Albanians with former dictator Enver Hoxha, who was born here and ensured the town was relatively well preserved under his rule; though he is not memorialised in any way here today.

  • Blue Eye Spring- a hypnotic pool of deep blue water surrounded by electric-blue edges like the iris of an eye. It's further enveloped in thick woods and is some 22km east of Saranda on the road to Gjirokastra. Bring your swimming gear and towel for a dive into the cold water on a summer's day. If you don't mind a dusty 3km walk, buses between Saranda and Gjirokastra can drop you at the spring's turn-off.! The water that comes out of here has a constant temperature of 10 degrees Celsius. Those who are truly daring will jump directly into the spring, or I should rather say the abyss, as its final depth has not been determined yet

Berat, Butrint National Park, Çorovodë, Gjirokaster, Përmeti, Sarande, Tirana, Vlore

Mountaineering Tour
Nature Tour
History Tour

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Isuf Braho

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This tour is offered throughout the year.

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