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07 Days History tour itinerary for albania: Explore History, Culture, And Nature Around Albania

Berat, Durres, Kruje, Sarande, Shkoder, Butrint National Park, Gjirokaster, Tirana, Vlore

Nature Tour
Archeology Tour
History Tour

Get an introduction to Albanian history, culture, and nature in this tour. Walk into nature parks untouched by humans. Visit old towns and enjoy the architecture. Try the best food and learn about Albanian hospitality, communist antiquity, medieval and modern Albania.

DAY 01

Tirana Airport – Apollonia – Vlora Introduction with Albanian History nature culture

  • Pick up at Tirana airport and transfer to Vlora.

  • Stop at the ancient city of Apollonia situated on the famous Via Egnatia - one of the most important cities of Ilyrian empire, and home to still preserved old monuments. It is one of the oldest archaeological sites in Albania. Situated in a hill covered by olives, its a nature attraction.

  • Afterwards we continue to Vlora, the biggest southern Albanian Town, famous as the city of independence. From here, Albanian patriots proclaimed the independence of Albania at the House of the independence in 1912.

  • Walk into Vlora coast.

DAY 02

Vlora – Butrint – Saranda A beautiful day combined with Nature ,History . Drive via most beautiful albanian coast. See old sites and swim

  • After an early breakfast, depart for Saranda.

  • Drive on the Albanian Riviera looking at the Ionian Sea, and the best views of Albanian villages.

  • Stunning sceneries await us at the Llogara pass, about 1071 meters above sea level.

  • Continue to Saranda, visit the ancient city of Butrint - a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city was first settled by Greek colonists and was continuously inhabited for centuries forming archaeological layers of passing civilizations. It is situated in a beautiful peninsula among dense vegetation.

  • Lunch in Ksamil, the pearl of Albanian Coast.

  • Walk in Saranda Coast.

  • Overnight in Saranda.

DAY 03

Saranda – Gjirokastra Explore one of the biggest natural parks and walk into the stone city gjirokastra

  • After an early breakfast, drive to Gjirokastra. Stop in Blue eye, one of the biggest nature parks in Albania famous for its hotspring.

  • Start driving to Gjirokastra, a UNESCO site and museum town with very distinct architecture. Visit the Fortress used as the venue for the National Festival of Folk Song and Dance and an Arms’ Museum with weapons from WWII.

  • Next visit the Ethnographic Museum (Enveroxha House) which is also the house where the Albanian dictator was born.

  • Visit Labova Church ,one of the oldest in Balkans. History says that a piece of true cross was part of this church. Justinan one of the greatest roman emperor order to build this church.

  • Walk into Gjirokastra Bazaar.

  • Free time to explore Bazaar and buys some crafts.

DAY 04

Gjirokastra – Ardenica monastery overnight Berat Visit one of the oldest monasteries of Albania and Meet Berat one of the most historic Albanian towns

  • After breakfast, start driving towards Berat.

  • A short stop for a tea or café in Uji I ftohte Tepelene ,a nature attraction.

  • After 3 h drive, visit the monastery of Ardenica, built by Byzantine Emperor, Andronikos II Palaiologos in 1282 after the victory against the Angevins in the Siege of Berat. The monastery is famous as the place where, in 1451, the marriage of Skanderbeg, the national hero of Albania, with Andronika Arianiti took place.

  • In 1780, the Monastery started a theological school to prepare clerics in Greek Orthodoxy. It had an important library with 32,000 volumes that got completely burned by a fire in 1932. The Church of Saint Mary within the monastery contains frescoes from brothers Kostandin and Athanas Zografi.

  • Berat castle is of particular interest as people still live within its walls in their traditional houses, as have their ancestors for centuries. The castle used to have over many churches of which 7 still remain, including one turned into Onufri Museum.

  • Onufri was an Albanian Icon master painter of the 16th century who painted many orthodox churches in Albania and Greece.

  • Proceed with Berat Old Town. Berat is famous for its architecture known also as the city of 1001 windows.

  • Lunch in a Albanian House.

  • Visit Goica and Mangalem.

  • Visit Islamic complex. King Mosque and Helveti Teqe.

  • Free time during night to walk on the famous Berat Xhiro or Promenade.

DAY 05

Berat Durres Overnight Tirane Visit the Biggest archaeological museum and visit a cold war bunker

  • After breakfast and this interesting experience we depart for Durres one of the oldest (founded in 627 B.C.) and most important cities in Albania.

  • We take a sightseeing tour of the Amphitheatre situated in the middle of the modern city in an inhabited area.

  • Continue to Tirana and take a sightseeing tour there, and visit Bunkart - cold war bunker build to protect Albanian politicians in case of an Atomic Bomb from western armies. About 105 rooms are inside this secret bunker. In 2013 the government decide to open it to the public.

  • Visit the house of Lushnja League – From here the patriot of Albania in 1921 decided that Tirana will be the capital of Albania.

  • Visit Archaeological museum of Durres ,the biggest in Albania. Hundreds of archeological remains.

  • Visit Amphitheatre of Durres, said to be the biggest in Europe.

  • Walk into Italian part of Durres – See the Italian architecture.

  • Walk into Durres coast.

  • Visit Tirana centre.

  • Visit Ethem Beu mosque.

DAY 06

Tirana Kruje – Overnight Shkoder History ,Tradition and Culture

  • After breakfast we start driving to Kruje famous as the centre of Albanian resistance against the Ottomans.

  • Visit the old bazaar, one of the biggest in Albania famous for crafts, traditional carpets, and different type of costumes. If you want to buy something, the perfect place is Kruja Bazaar.

  • We proceed towards the Historic Museum to learn more about the Albanian national Hero Scanderbeg.

  • Visit the ethnography museum, an old VII century house.

  • Take a short brake for a café in Kruja then start driving to Shkoder.

  • A stop at the Scanderbeg tomb in Lezhe.

  • Shkoder or Shkodra is the biggest North city of Albania. Famous for its tradition and culture, it is also known as the city of bicycles and humor.

  • On a big hill nearby city is Rozafa castle. Situated in one of the most beautiful spots and from there you can enjoy the view of river, lake, and sea.

  • Visit Kruja Castle ,build on a scenic hill with view of Adriatic sea.

  • Free time to buy souvenirs or explore craft shops.

  • Visit Shkodra promenade, see Italian architecture.

  • Visit Marubi Museum – A photography museum dedicated to Marubi.

  • Visit Central mosque in Shkoder.

  • Visit Francescian monastery.

DAY 07

Shkoder – Airport Say goodbye to Albania

  • This is the last day in Albania.

  • If we will have time on our way to durres we will stop in Lezhe.

  • Lunch in one of the best agro tourism farms and a visit at the Scanderbeg tomb.

  • 798 EUR Per Adult (* prices are flexible )
  • Dinners.

  • Entrance fee for every attractions during all itinerary.

  • Guide.

  • Vat tax.

  • City Tax.

  • Private transport for all itinerary.

  • Accommodation twin or double room for all itinerary 3 stars hotel.

  • Drinks.

  • Souvenirs.

  • Extra attraction.

  • Single supplement.

  • Prices are flexible.

  • For groups more than 10 persons, guide will be glad to give another deal.

  • The itinerary can be customized according to client's wish.

Berat, Durres, Kruje, Sarande, Shkoder, Butrint National Park, Gjirokaster, Tirana, Vlore

Nature Tour
Archeology Tour
History Tour

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Isuf Braho

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