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10 Days History tour itinerary for albania: Albanian Highlights - From South To North, Mountains To Coast

Berat, Gjirokaster, Korce, Sarande, Durres, Tirana, Pogradec, Përmeti, Vlore, Kruje

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Albanian Highlights - From South to North, Mountains to Coast

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This tour will take you close to Albanian culture, history, tradition, and gastronomy; where every guest will have the opportunity to visit best of Albania. This is a combination of best views, natural park, famous historic district, and some hidden gems.

DAY 01

Walk into Albanian Capital overnight Tirana Learn more about its history and hung out in bllok

After check-in at hotel, experience Albanian hospitality, and take a short visit to Sofra Beratse, a small family run restaurant. Have a glass of Raki (a traditional alcoholic drink made in Albania) and some gliko (a desert made of different fruits). After that, start touring Tirana, the biggest Albanian town. Learn about Albanian history in monuments of antiquity, communism, Ottomans, and Albanian culture.

On our Tirana tour, we will visit:

  • National History Museum which is adorned with a gigantic mosaic known as ‘The Albanians’.

  • Skanderbeg Square. The national hero of Albanian was Scanderbeg . Before was named as Enver Hoxha Square.

  • Visit Ethem Beu mosque, one of the oldest in Tirana.

  • Visit Bunk art: A cold war tunnel to protect the communist officials from atomic strikes. Feel how it is to live inside a bunker.

  • Walk in Bllok: before a residence area for all important persons of communist government, its turned into a downtown street where all youth of Tirana hang out.

  • Visit Tirana Centre – designed by Italian architect.

  • Visit Tirana Pyramid – Pyramids are not just in Egypt. There is one in Tirana Center.

  • Free time to enjoy Tirana.

DAY 02

A day in Elbasan castle . Amazing Lake Ohrid ,overnight Pogradec

Today we are going to visit 2 destination quiet different from Tirana . On our way to pogradec a short visit in Elbasan a city where the history of the past and the present is combined. During communist time it was one of the biggest steal producer . Now day the ruins of the communist factories are there. Elbasan history start since in V century BC . Now day is still well preserved the Ottoman .Our final destination for today is one of the most beautiful cities in Albania, Pogradec, located in Lake Ohrid shore with clear waters and mountain views. A small town where you will feel peace and quietness in your soul

On this day we are going to

  • Walk into cobbled paths of Elbasan Castle

  • See the communist factory

  • Walk into new town of Elbasan

  • Walk into Lake Ohrid Shore

  • Visit Drilon Park – Famous for its spring and for a famous indigenous fish called Koran . Lets eat some Koran

  • Visit St Naun Ohrid – An old monastery in Macedonia near to Pogradec

  • Visit Gulf of Bones in Ohrid – e prehistoric fisherman village

  • Free time to enjoy the beauty of Lake Ohrid .

DAY 03

Indroduction with Korca and Voskopja History ,Nature and Culinary Overnight Voskopoja

  • Today, visit mountainous village called Voskopoja, a well known centre of art, history, and architecture. The first press of Europe during XVII century was here. Surrounded by mountains and scenic views, its is famous for its cuisine. There are more than 17 churches and monastery around Voskopoja.

  • Continue driving for about an hour to reach Voskopoja.

  • Visit one of the oldest churches representing Voskopoja religious art.

  • Next is the the largest city of south-eastern Albania, Korçë. This town is known as the City of Serenade and City of Knowledge. The first Albanian School was opened here.

  • Visit the National Museum of Mediaeval Art and Archaeology,

  • Visit Mirahori Mosque (one of the oldest in the Balkans) and the famous church 'The Resurrection'. Visit Cathedral -Korçë, an important religious centre for Orthodox Christians.

  • Visit Korca Bazaar – an old bazaar from XVII century, its houses and shops with an Albanian traditional architecture are well preserved. It is now a downtown hub, with different kinds of bars, restaurants, and craft.

  • Birra Korca – Korca is famous for its beer. All Albanians love to drink Korca beer. Lets try some Korca beer in a traditional restaurant or at Korca Factory.

DAY 04

Mountainous Albania - Drive 2000m above sea level Overnight Permet

  • Our drive through the mountains today is truly spectacular as we enjoy sweeping views across the landscape.

  • Along the route, enjoy several stops.

  • Continuing onward to beautiful town of Përmet, known as the City of Flowers and also famous for its culinary arts, especially Gliko, a traditional desert.

  • Visit old villages on the way from Korce to Permet.

  • A short walk to Benje village, famous for thermal waters. There are about 5 hot springs, where you can relax and swim.

DAY 05

Stone City , visit the historic town and explore old town walking on the narrow cabled narrow paths Overnight Gjirokaster

  • Drive to the stone city of Gjirokaster.

  • The town is built in stone, surrounded by mountain slope, cobbled narrow streets, and old houses with Albanian architecture.

  • The castle is the main attractions and stands like a view point over the town offering wonderful panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

  • Visit Gjirokastra Old town.

  • Walk into its Bazaar –very unique bazaar.

  • Visit Enver Hoxha House – The house of Enver Hoxha, dictator of Albania.

  • Visit Zekati House – a unique house build during XVII century, well-preserved and original style of an old Albanian house.

  • Visit Argjiro Castle – Best views of Gjirokastra.

  • Visit Arms Museum – Located inside the castle of Gjirokastra.

  • Visit Labova Church – one of the oldest in Balkan. Historians believe that a piece of True Cross was here in this church.

  • Free time to walk into Gjirokastra Bazaar and buy crafts or souvenirs.

DAY 06

A journey to southern Albania ,perfect day with combination of history and nature

  • Today, drive via Saranda, the southern Albanian Town famous for its coast.

  • Located closed to Corfu Island, it offer spectacular views of Ionian sea and Corfu Island.

  • On our way to Saranda we will visit the ‘Blue Eye’, an area where seven artisan wells rise. Famous for the largest spring, the water is coming form an under cave still not explored by divers. Its called blue eye because of water colour.

  • After that we proceed to Heritage Site of Butrint, one of the most interesting nature parks famous for its biodiversity, surrounded by Butrinti Lake with salty water.

  • Another destination to visit is Ksamil, a small coastal village famous for its bays and islands. Rated by The guardian as 3rd most interesting coastal destination of Europe.

  • Visit Lekursi Castle – located on the top of a hill from where you can enjoy the view of Ionian sea and Saranda.

  • Visit Saranda new town – walk into Saranda promenade.

  • Free time.

DAY 07

Drive in Albanian Coast ,explore old villages of coast . Best view points and swim Overnight Vlore

  • Drive via coast, one of the most spectacular routes in Albania offering several views of virgin coast and numerous old villages built on hills with unique architecture.

  • Spend time at Porto Palermo Bay and visit Ali Pasha Castle build on a small scenic island.

  • There is a small beach here, suitable for swimming,. 

  • Stop for lunch at Llogara national park, the biggest in southern Albania. Located 1500 m above sea level, it offer best stunning views of Ionian sea. The cuisine here is also popular; try some yogurt with honey and nuts.

  • After that, proceed to Vlora, where the Albanian Declaration of Independence was proclaimed in 1912.

  • Swim on the coast – there are numerous bays with clean deep waters to swim.

DAY 08

day to go back in time . Visit one of the oldest sites of Albania and enjoy the City of 1001 windows Overnight Berat

  • We start our journey north today and stop at the wonderful ruins of Apollonia. Originally occupied by the Illyrian tribes and then the Greek colonists from Corfu and Corinth around 600BC, Apollonia flourished in the Roman period and was home to a renowned school of philosophy.

  • Continue to the Monastery of Ardenice, built by the Byzantine Emperor in 1282. The monastery became famous as the national hero of Albania, Skanderbeg got married here in 1451.

  • After that, proceed to Heritage Site of Berat, known as one of the most beautiful towns in Albania. Its castle was built during V century BC.

  • Visit Iconographic museum.

  • Dinner in a local house. Berat is famous for its hospitality. See the tradition of an Albanian family and the way they treat their guests.

  • Walk into famous Xhiro (promenade) of Berat – a downtown street where all locals hang out.

DAY 09

Visit the biggest coastal town one of the biggest amphitheatre and explore Kruja one the center of albanian resistence against ottomans

  • From Berat, drive to the biggest coastal city of Albania - Durrës.

  • Historians believe that Durres was one of the biggest cities in the world during ancient times. We are proud to say that the biggest amphitheatre in the Balkans is here. The amphitheatre dates back to the 2nd century AD, with a capacity of 17,000 seats.

  • After Durres, drive to the famous medieval citadel of Krujë, where Albania's national hero, Skanderbeg, led the resistance against the Ottomans.

  • Visit King Zog Villa.

  • Walk in Durres coast.

  • Visit Archaeological Museum – The biggest in Albania.

  • Visit Kruja.

  • Visit Kruja Bazaar – Kruja artisans offer variety of crafts and souvenirs.

  • Visit Scanderbeg Museum- there we will understand more about Scanderbeg History.

  • Visit Ethnographic Museum – an old typical Albanian House.

DAY 10

Goodbye Albania

  • We can plane an activity for you during this day. All depend on departure time.

  • 988 EUR Per Adult (* prices are flexible )
  • Dinner.

  • Entrance fee for all attractions during all itinerary.

  • Vat tax.

  • City tax.

  • Guide.

  • Transport - private car.

  • Accommodation: 3-star hotels twin or double room.

  • Drinks.

  • Lunch.

  • Souvenirs.

  • Extra attractions.

  • Single supplement room +201 euro.

  • The guide can give discount for groups with 10 participants and more.

  • The guide can add or decline something from this itinerary if the client wishes.

Berat, Gjirokaster, Korce, Sarande, Durres, Tirana, Pogradec, Përmeti, Vlore, Kruje

Nature Tour
Sun and Sand Tour
History Tour

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Isuf Braho

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