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15 Days Culture tour itinerary for albania: Venture Albania And Its Neighboring Countries

Berat, Butrint National Park, Fier, Gjirokaster, Himarë, Kruje, Ohrid, Pogradec, Pristina, Prizren, Sarande, Shkoder, Skopje, Tirana, Vlore

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Take up a package that will take you through Albania and other destinations in Balkan. Discover the Land of Eagles including Skanderbeg Square, Castle of Kruja, the old bazaar, Old StoneBridge of the Bistrica River, Gračanica Monastery, Benja Thermal Baths and  Ali Pasha's museum.

DAY 01


  • Get picked up from the airport. Accommodation in the hotel and depending on the time of day is organized.

  • Visit the cultural and historical centres of Tirana. 

  • See the most frequented, Skanderbeg Square.

  • Visit the Symbol of the City, Clock Tower.

DAY 02

Kruja & Shkodra

  • After breakfast, leave for Shkodra.

  • Stop for 3-hours in Kruja, where you can visit the Castle of Kruja and the old bazaar.

  • After stopping at the hotel, visit the castle of Shkodra and its historical centres, in particular, the Museu Marubi.

DAY 03


  • First stop is in Prizren, to visit the historic centre of Prizren.

  • Don't forget Prizren Fortress which is a must-see attraction. The views from the fortress are so amazing that you can’t imagine visiting Prizren and skipping the fortress.

  • Stop by the Old StoneBridge of the Bistrica River, the most famous attraction of the city.

DAY 04

prishtina & kacanik

  • After a pleasant breakfast, leave for Pristina.

  • In Pristina, you will visit the Gadima Cave with a visitable length of 1260m.

  • Head to Kacanik, where you will be accommodated in the hotels of the area.

  • After a stroll through the beautiful nature of the Kacanik Gorge near the meadow lake (the most beautiful in the Balkans), dinner will be another pleasant attraction.

  • See the Gračanica Monastery in Pristina (UNESCO Heritage) with your Albania tour guide.

  • Visit New Born Monument, Mother Theresa Cathedral and Old Town.

DAY 05


  • After a fantastic morning in Kacanik, head towards the beautiful city of Ohrid.

  • Do two stops, in Skopje and Gostivar, where you can enjoy a coffee or a short walk in the cities until reaching the beautiful city of Ohrid by the Lake Ohrid.

  • Visit the Old Town and enjoy the lakefront dinner.

DAY 06


  • After breakfast, head to the border, where you will first stop to Saint Naum for a 1.5-hour visit.

  • See the scenic nature of Drilon and the beautiful Korça where you will visit the museum and old town centre.

  • Visit "Parku Rinia", the garden park.

DAY 07


  • After breakfast, leave for Permet, while making stops in the beautiful parks.

  • Get accommodation at the hotel.

  • Visit Benja Thermal Baths in Permet.

  • Go to the tourist park of Hotova, where you will also have dinner.

DAY 08

Ioannina-meteora, greece

  • Go to the border crossing through the Kakavi border crossing and go to Ioannina, Greece.

  • After having breakfast in Ioannina, continue with your tour.

  • First, visit the cave of Perama, a marvel of nature, over 1.5 km long and about 685 m deep.

  • Then, visit Ali Pasha's castle in Ioannina and depending on the weather you also visit the island with Ali Pasha's museum.

  • Heading to Meteora, the club will visit the famous Meteora monasteries and after lunch in the stone town of Metsovo.

DAY 09


  • After breakfast, visit a 4th-century castle.

  • National Museum of Arms.

  • The old bazaar and church.

  • Start our trip to The Blue Eye.

DAY 10


  • Check-in at 3-star accommodation in Saranda. 

  • Visit Lekurs Castle, a site with panoramic views of its surroundings.

  • The first Albanian site to be included on UNESCO's World Heritage was Butrint.

  • Butrint is the biggest remain old city, Albania's most spectacular archaeological site.

  • En-route visit Blue Eye to learn of the legend of the fountain and stunning Mesopotam Monastery.

  • Amazing colours and a great place to swim in ice-cold water.

  • Have dinner and stay overnight in Saranda. 

DAY 11


  • After breakfast,head to Himara

  • Visit the castle of Himara.

  • Albanian Riviera and visit the fortress of Ali Pasha in Porto Palermo.

  • Staying at the hotel

DAY 12


  • Kanine Castle

  • The Venetian castle and tower of 14th -16th century BC.

  • Independence Monument

  • In the evening, check-in at Vlora, a 3-star hotel accommodation, for dinner and overnight stay.

DAY 13


  • In the morning, explore the ancient city of Apollonia

  • The highlights of this tour include the bouleuterion Acropolis, Odeon Monastery

  • Church of Saint Mary and visit to Museum

  • Byllis Archaeological Park

  • Museum of Apollonia

DAY 14


  • Hike up to the castle of Berat.

  • Visit the Museum of Onufri ShenTriadhes Church and Cathedral of Saint Nicholas.

  • Enjoy at Bogove Waterfall.

  • Visit Osumi Canyons.

DAY 15



  • Durres Amphitheatre

  • Durres Castle

  • Royal Villa of Durres

  • Archaeological Museum

  • Via Egnatia

  • Dajti Exprescable-car

  • Dajti Mountain National Park

  • Cave of Pellumbas

  • 5250 EUR Per Adult (* The trip for 2 person)
  • Pickup with an Albanian guide at the airport or port

  • Transport

  • Hotels with breakfast

  • Entry fees at museums

  • Flight tickets

  • Dinner and lunch

  • Accommodation at the breakfast hotels included will be throughout the trip, but will also include a meal optional, preferably at lunch or dinner.

  • The trip will include visits to cities in Albania, Kosovo,  northern Macedonia and Greece. Mainly in places where good hospitality and food are found.

Berat, Butrint National Park, Fier, Gjirokaster, Himarë, Kruje, Ohrid, Pogradec, Pristina, Prizren, Sarande, Shkoder, Skopje, Tirana, Vlore

Architecture Tour
Culture Tour
History Tour

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Stefo Mato

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