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11 Days Trekking tour itinerary for Socotra Island: Alien Grandeur Of This Remote Island

Socotra Island

Trekking Tour
Camping Tour
Eco Tourism Tour
Alien grandeur of this remote island

Natural fresh water pools of Socotra

Socotra Island-Yemen

Best known for its blissful beaches and adventure activities like camping and hiking, the offerings of Socotra Camping tour are virtually limitless.

DAY 01

Arrive Socotra

  • Drive to the east part of Socotra, where we will see Detwah lagoon - the most beautiful and famous place of Socotra.

  • After seeing the lagoon from various points of view, we will have an overnight stay in tents nearby the lagoons.

  • At the dinner time, we will introduce you to the guides and other members of the group and direct you on how about to go ahead with the tour.

DAY 02

Qalansiya village

  • Post breakfast, we will walk along the lagoon and swim in the sea.It will take about three hours to go around the lagoon.

  • To see its magnificent panoramic view you can climb the adjacent hill.

  • Do not forget to carry water and sun-protection cream.We recommend you to wear loose clothes covering your arms and legs, as well as a kerchief or Panama on your head.It is also advised to have a small backpack.

  • After lunch, you will be driven to Qalansiya village from where we will take fishing boats to the Shuab Bay. 

  • Along the way you can see majestic cliffs, beautiful bays, dozens of oceanic birds and dolphins often swimming near the shore.

  • It is a perfect place for fishing and we stand a great chance to hook tuna or [sensitive content]any case, you will have a fresh well-cooked fish for dinner and enjoy great sunset views of the Shuab Bay.

  • We will again spend the night in tents on a sandy beach.

DAY 03

Beach of Socotra

  • A day full of rest on the best beach of Socotra. Here you can swim, fishing, watch dolphins, eat fresh tuna and lobsters and walk along a deserted beach.

  • We also drive an excursion to "The Lost World". This is a unique place has the biggest bottle tress of Socotra, measuring up to 5 meters.

DAY 04

Shuab Bay

  • We recommend you to get up before day light if you want to take a great picture of the Shuab Bay. After swimming in its blue waters and having breakfast, we will come back by boats to Qalansiya where our cars will be waiting for us.

  • This day you will be taken to Dixam plateau, a habitat to the famous dragon trees.

  • On our way, we will also see the Wadi Dirhur Canyon from a viewing point. Afterwards, the Sheikh of the local village will invite you for lunch. After lunch, we will go down in the canyon by foot or by car. It is a 3 hour walk and is recommended for physically active people. You will also need good quality shoes to take hikes at Socotra, like mountaineering boots.

  • This night we will stay in tents at the bottom of the canyon. Here you can swim in a natural fresh water pool.

DAY 05

Dragon Blood Trees

  • After breakfast, we will explore the other side of the canyon. We will walk for 3 hours through the mystic rest of the forest of the dragoon blood trees protected by the government.

  • Upon reaching the edge of the canyon, we will see various endemic plants of Socotra and drop in the house of the local Sheikh, where you can buy the dragon tree’s resins famous for their medicinal properties since ancient times.

  • After swimming in the natural fresh water pool and having lunch, we will drive to the southern coast of Socotra. We will spend the night in tents among the beautiful dunes at a Stero place.

  • Here you can take off your shoes and walk barefoot through the dunes to enjoy the magnificent sunset.

  • Do not forget to carry your cameras and water.

DAY 06


  • After breakfast, we will drive to Hadiboh - the capital of Socotra, to buy food and drinking water.

  • Then we will head to the north-east of Socotra. Ras Erissel, the east endpoint of the island, is a perfect place for swimming and sunbathing.

  • After swimming in the sea you can have a bath in fresh water streaming between two huge sand dunes in Arhar beach, where we will spend the night in tents.

DAY 07

Huq Cave

  • Following our breakfast, we will drive to Terbah place to take a walk to the Huq cave - the largest of easily accessible caves on the island. It will take you about 4 hours to reach the cave and explore it in the company of a local guide.

  • After the walk, we will have lunch on the beach good for swimming and taking fresh water shower.

  • Overnight stay in tents at the same place.

DAY 08

Mumi Plateau

  • Early morning you will be brought to the dunes that are easy to climb and see the breath-taking views. It will take you about 1.5 hours to walk up the mountain formed by the wind of impalpable white sand.

  • Do not forget to protect your camera from sand and to take a small backpack to get your hands free and put your shoes in.

  •  Here you can try sand boarding - riding on the boards with dunes. It's easy, fun and safe.

  • After lunch, we will drive to Mumi plateau, which is very rarely visited by tourists. This remote place is famous for many beautiful and mysterious places. Here we will admire flourishing odd-shaped bottle trees, most of which are higher than a man's height.

  • We plan to spend the first night in the middle of the plateau, from where we will see magnificent panoramic views at sunset.

  • Overnight stay at the edge of the canyon Wadi Kalesan.

DAY 09


  • This day we will take a 4-hour long walk to the largest fresh water pools in Socotra.

  • You will need to carry your trekking shoes, a backpack and drinking water along with the swimming gear.

  • After lunch, we will drive to Homhil, a protected environmental zone famous for its endemic plants.

  • Here you can buy the best frankincense in the world, collected in small parts from the trees growing in this area.

  • This night we will stay at the campsite.

DAY 10

DiHamri Marine

  • In the morning we will drive to DiHamri Marine protected area. It is an ideal place for snorkeling.

  • When swimming along the shore you can see big fishes, turtles and beautiful corals. Snorkeling equipment can be hired at the campsite.

  • After lunch, we will drive to Ayaft National Park, a preserved area for many endemic plants.

  • In the evening we will enjoy magnificent views of the mountains.

  • Overnight in tents or camping in Delisha campsite.

DAY 11


  • After breakfast, you will be transferred to the airport.

  • Our basic program can be modified according to your wishes.

  • 100 USD Per Adult (* Per person, per day)
  • Visa.

  • Travels in comfortable Land Cruisers with good drivers.

  • English-speaking educated guides.

  • Local trekking guides’ services.

  • A quality camping equipment.

  • Rental fee of boats, entrance tickets and etc.

  • Specially arranged well-cooked meals on Socotra.

  • Water and beverages during day trips.

Socotra Island

Trekking Tour
Camping Tour
Eco Tourism Tour
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