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9 Days Trekking tour itinerary for Arusha & Mount Kilimanjaro: Trek Up The Machame Route To Africa's Highest Point

Arusha, Mount Kilimanjaro

Mountaineering Tour
Trekking Tour
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Trek up the Machame route to Africa

Sign at the Uhuru Peak

Mount Kilimanjaro-Tanzania

Tackle rainforests, barren cold deserts, glaciers and snowy mountains as you take this challenging trek to reach Uhuru Peak and get a once in a lifetime chance to see a majestic sunrise from the summit.

DAY 01


  • Upon arrival, your Arusha tour guide will pick you up from the airport and take you to the Outpost Lodge.

  • Dinner and overnight stay at the lodge.

DAY 02

Trek to Machame Camp

  • Starts your day with a hearty breakfast and briefing with your tour guide.

  • Your tour guide will drive you through Moshi to Mount Kilimanjaro National Park Gate.

  • From here, you will begin the trek through the rainforest on a winding trail up a ridge. The trail can be muddy and slippery so gaiters and trekking poles will come in handy. The trek will end at the Machame Camp. 
    The trek to Machame Camp covers a  distance of 11 km at the elevation of 5,400ft to 9,400ft. (Duration: 5-7 hours).

DAY 03

Trek to Shira Camp

  • After breakfast, you will leave the glades of the rain forest and continue on an ascending path, crossing a little valley as you walk along a steep rocky ridge, covered with heather until the ridge ends.

  • The route now turns west onto a river gorge through which you reach the Shira campsite. (Dinner and overnight stay)
    The trek to Shira Camp covers a distance of 5km at the elevation of 9,400ft to 12,500ft. (Duration: 4-6 hours) 

DAY 04

Trek to Barranco hut

  • From the Shira Plateau, you will continue east up a ridge, passing the junction towards the peak of Kibo. Continue south-east, towards the Lava Tower, called the "Shark's Tooth."

  • After you cross the tower, you will reach the second junction at the Arrow Glacier, at an altitude of 16,000ft.

  • You will now descend to 13,000ft and reach the Barranco Hut. (Dinner and overnight stay)
    This day is very important for acclimatizing your body for the summit. 
    The trek to Barranco camp covers a distance of 15km. (Duration 5-7 hours)

DAY 05

Trek to Karanga Camp

  • After breakfast, you will leave Barranco and continue on a steep ridge passing the Barranco Wall, to the Karanga Valley campsite(Dinner and overnight stay). This short trek is necessary for acclimatization. 
    The trek to Karanga Camp covers a distance of 5km at the elevation of 13,000ft. (Duration: 4-5 hours)

DAY 06

Trek to Barafu hut

  • After breakfast, you will leave Karanga and hit the junction which connects the Mweka Trail. You will continue up to reach the Barafu Hut and make camp (Dinner). At this point, you will have completed the South Circuit. From here, you get a clear view of the peaks of Mawenzi and Kibo.
    Trek to Barafu Hut covers a distance of 4km at the elevation of 13,100ft to 15,300ft. (Duration: 4-5 hours)

DAY 07

Trek to summit - Descent to Mweka Camp

  • Between midnight and 2 am, you will continue your way to the summit between the Rebmann and Ratzel glaciers. You head northwest and ascend through heavy scree towards Stella Point on the crater's rim. This is the most mentally and physically challenging part of the trek.

  • At Stella Point (18,600 ft), you will stop for a short break and maybe see a magnificent sunrise. From Stella Point, you may encounter snow in your 1-hour ascent to the summit. 

  • Continue to reach Uhuru Peak. If you keep pace, you will be able to see the sunrise from the summit.

  • From the summit, you will now make the descent continuing straight down to the Mweka Hut camp site, stopping at Barafu for lunch. You will require gaiters and trekking poles for the loose gravel.

  • You will reach the Mweka Camp situated in the upper forest area. Here, you can expect mist or rain during the late afternoon. This will be your last day on the mountain.
    The trek to the summit covers a distance of 5 km at the elevation of 15,300ft to 19,345ft. (Duration: 7-8 hours)
    The trek to Mweka Camp covers a distance of 12 km as you descend to an elevation of 10,000ft. (Duration: 4-6 hours)

DAY 08

Final Descent

  • After breakfast, you will embark on your final descent down to the Mweka Park Gate to receive your summit certificates. At lower elevations, the surface can be wet and muddy so gaiters and trekking poles will help. (Keep rain-gear and warm and dry clothing handy).

  • From the gate, you will continue another to Mweka Village. Your driver will meet you at Mweka village and drive you back to Arusha.

  • Dinner and overnight stay at Karama Lodge.
    This hike will cover a distance of 10 km at the elevation of 10,000ft to 5,400ft. (Duration: 3-4 hours) 

DAY 09


  • You will be transferred to Kilimanjaro International Airport for your return flight.

  • 2250 USD Per Adult
  • Accommodation and meals as mentioned in the itinerary.

  • Ground transportation with an English-speaking driver/guide.

  • Mt. Kilimanjaro or reserve entry fees - where applicable.

  • Pick-up/drop-off.

  • Mountain guide, porters & chef and their allowances and park fees.

  • Local tourist taxes.

  • All camping equipment.

  • Discount for 4 persons and above. 

  • The prices may vary according to the season.

Arusha, Mount Kilimanjaro

Mountaineering Tour
Trekking Tour
Camping Tour

Contributed By

Eliya Tumaini

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USD 2250
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