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Tickets for RiverRide Budapest

Board this yellow bus that isn't just a bus, it is also a boat! Well, not really; but it floats on the river, you will see. Catch the RiverRide and see the highlights of Budapest like St Steven’s Basilica, the Parliament, the Citadel, St Steven’s Basilica, Hero's Square, and more!

Opening Hours

Consult time-slot.

Runs all days of the week.


95 Minutes


Ride on the bus that turns into a boat! See all the highlights of Budapest and then head straight into the Danube.

Take the kids to have them squealing with delight, or take your date for a romantic experience!

See places like Hero's Square, Dohány Street Synagogue which is Europe's largest, and many more!


The RiverRide bus is an experience like no other- how many buses turn from the roads to dive straight into the river and then float on it? This amphibious bus has giant panoramic windows which offer excellent sightings of St Steven’s Basilica that soars high into the sky despite its age being 150 years. The bus will also take you across other most popular places of Budapest, including a Museum and a Synagogue that are known all across the world.



Szechenyi Istvan (former Roosevelt) Square - Academy of Sciences - Jozsef Attila Street - Synagogue - Andrassy Avenue - Opera House - Heroes' Square - Dozsa Gyorgy Street - splash point - cruising for about 40 minutes (you can see from the water the Parliament Building, Chain Bridge, Royal Palace, Citadel, Gellert Hill) - back to land at Hotel Helia - end of the program at Szechenyi Istvan (former Roosevelt) Square.

What's included

A 1 hour 35 minutes RiverRide on the Floating Bus.

Live English-speaking/German-speaking guide on board.

An audio guide (available in German, English, Hungarian, Spanish, Italian, French, and Russian)


Show your smartphone ticket when you arrive at the departure point.

Departure Point: 7,Széchenyi István tér, 1051, Budapest

From EUR 27.50
Important Information
  • Refundable : No
  • Children aged up to 5 years can join for free but require a free ticket.

  • Please note, there are no stops made during this tour.