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Explore the Bustling Streets of Taipei

Taipei is not in lockdown now and you can have a look at our life at the moment and plan your next trip to Taiwan. The live walking tour starts from the 280 years old temple. Get to know all about the Tao religion and how we talk to God. l will also walk inside the temple and give you a closer look at what people do in the temple. Then, we will visit the local herb store and I will show you how we drink herb tea to keep ourselves healthy.

From Taipei
Online Experience
1 Hour
City Tour
Upto 4 people
  • Visit the Longshan Temple and learn about Tao Religion on this real-time session streamed live from Taipei
  • Get introduced to Taiwanese culture and different varieties of street food as the guide takes you to a local herb store and tells you about the various health benefits of herbal tea, a major part of the local lifestyle

Visit the Longshan Temple, a 280-year-old temple, and get to know about the Tao religion. We will walk inside the temple and see various activities performed by the locals. I will also show you the local traditional market on this walking tour. Learn about the Taiwanese culture and different varieties of street food as it is a major part of our lives. Then, we will visit the local herb store and I will show you how we drink herbal tea to keep ourselves healthy. You can ask questions and maybe start to plan your next trip to Taiwan soon.

About this experience
What's included
  • An interactive session with a professional Taipei tour guide.
  • A visit inside the Longshan Temple and insights about the Tao Religion
  • Please have a good internet connection and Zoom app installed in your phone or laptop.
  • The instructions to join the meeting will be sent via email shortly after the booking.
Know before you go
  • Since this tour involves traveling to various places in the city, at times the internet connection may be weak. However, we will attempt to minimize such disruptions.
  • Please remain muted throughout the tour, unless you would like to ask a question. You can ask questions at any time during the session.
  • You can also use the chat feature to write your questions, comments and I will read them out and answer as soon as I can or during Q&A time.
  • This is an interactive session. Please feel free to have your video on. At the end of the session, there will be time to ask questions.
  • The price is per device dialing into the experience. Each dialled in screen can be shared with a maximum of 4 people.
Meet your Host
Tsai Daphne

I am born and raised in Taipei and I love traveling and exploring different places. I love interacting with local people when traveling and getting some recommendations about where to eat and where to have fun. When I travel to a new city, I try to find the best suburbs to get lost in and most of the time it is a good way to see a different side of the city. Let me help you to find the best parts of my vibrant city.

From USD 45 / Group
Important Information
  • Refundable : Yes
  • Can be canceled up to 24hrs before the scheduled time.
  • Date is based on the local time zone of the experience host.