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Hi, had a great time travelling with your company..Will surely refer you and travel with you again in future.. GOD Bless.. More more right

Review for Figco Lanka Holidays Private Ltd , Tour guide in Badulla, Sri Lanka

We decided to go see elephants and the town of Kandy and then further up for rain and fog and tea plantations galore. Then back down to the ocean ... More more right

Review for Sri Lanka Hiru Goth Tours & Travels , Tour guide in Badulla, Sri Lanka

About Badulla

A blush of its colonial past marks Badulla out from the sea of 1,000 shades of green that surrounds it; the hallmark of this high-perched, tea-mad town that sits on the edge of the central Sri Lankan highlands. Founded in ancient times, the town rose to prominence under the British, who made good use of the mountain railways that departed from here into the Namunukula ranges and the hills ranging towards Colombo. There is still just a little colonial residue affecting the city, with the occasional whitewashed clock tower and pruned park, while Badulla has moved forward at its own pace, drawing pilgrims to the revered Solosmasthana temple of Muthiyangana (a spot the Buddha himself is thought to have trodden), the carved and chiselled Dhowa Temple, and some of the finest inland vistas you could hope for. In fact, Badulla tour guides now offer everything from short escapes to the roaring Dunhinda Falls (64 metres high and arguably the most breathtaking in the country) to serious multi-day treks between the peaks of the Horton Plains National Park.

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