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2 Hours Eco Tourism tour itinerary for San Marino: Greet This Capital & Mount Titano

San Marino

Museum Tour
Sightseeing Tour
Eco Tourism Tour

Take a cable car ride uphill to the historical centre and visit the variety of historical attractions as you get to know more about the microstate, also popularly called the "Ancient Land of Freedom." As a complement, get a spectacular view of the Adriatic coast.

DAY 01

San Marino and Mount Titano by Cable Car

  • Star the tour after meeting your San Marino tour guide and travelling on the cable car which connects Borgo Maggiore to the historical centre at the top of Mount Titano.

  • Accompany your San Marino tour guide along the path that will pass through the following places:

    • The Crossbowmen's Quarry.

    • The Public Palace, the seat of the government of San Marino

    • The Basilica of the Saint Patron Marino

    • The fortress of Guaita at 739 meters above sea level, with an extraordinary panoramic view of the Apennines Mountains and Adriatic sea.

    • The Giuseppe Garibaldi Statue 

  • 220 EUR Per Group
  • Cable Car Tickets

  • Walking tour with a professional San Marino guide, with explanations given outside monuments and places.

  • Entrance tickets to monuments

  • Parking tickets

  • Any purchases of a personal nature

  • San Marino is one of the world’s oldest republics and the only surviving Italian city-state, representing an important stage in the development of democratic models in Europe and worldwide. The tangible expressions of this long continuity as the capital of the Republic, its unchanged geo-political context and juridical and institutional functions, is found in the strategic position on the top of Mount Titano, the historic urban layout, urban spaces and many public monuments.

  • San Marino has a widely recognised iconic status as a symbol of a free city-state, illustrated in political debate, literature and arts through the centuries. The defensive walls and the historic centre have undergone changes over time that include intensive restoration and reconstruction between the end of the 19th century and the first decades of the 20th century, a process that can be considered to be part of the history of the property and reflects changing approaches to conservation and presentation of heritage over time.

  • The Republic of San Marino is a special place to visit. Considered the oldest republic in the world, welcomes its visitors with the words "San Marino ancient land of freedom".

  • There is no better way to view San Marino than from the top of Mount Titano. The trip that connects Borgo Maggiore to the Historical Centre, lasting about 2 minutes, you will see over 200 km of Adriatic coast. The views are spectacular!

  • San Marino is a living monument inscribed to UNESCO's World Heritage in 2008, famous throughout the world for its natural and artistic beauty, attracts millions of visitors who will find plenty to see and plenty of hospitality.

  • The medieval atmosphere characterizes all the nine castles and its capital, the city of San Marino, where there are monuments, museums and many attractions, such as the 3 historic towers, symbols of the Republic.

San Marino

Museum Tour
Sightseeing Tour
Eco Tourism Tour

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The tour is available from 22 Mar to 10 Oct on the following days of the week.

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