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9 Days Nature tour itinerary for Mount Elbrus: Climb Up By The Classical Route

Mount Elbrus

Mountaineering Tour
Nature Tour
Trekking Tour
Climb up by the classical route

Joys at the top of the Summit

Mount Elbrus-Russia

Get set for this relaxed mountaineering adventure for white landscapes and cable car rides. Climb from the southern side of this mountain that promises a relaxed climb and pleasure time without many struggles.

DAY 01


  • Land at Mineralnye Vody Airport – preferably before 3 pm.

  • Take a 200 km (3 hours) ride to a mountain hotel, situated at the beginning of the Baksan valley, almost on the slopes of Mt. Elbrus.

  • Meet and have dinner with your Russian guide.

DAY 02

maid’s braids waterfall - observatory

  • Climb Mount Cheget to 2,900 m to see the great view of Mount Elbrus.

DAY 03

Mir station

  • Do an acclimatization hike to Maid’s Braids waterfall (3,000 m) and further on, to the observatory (3,300 m).

DAY 04


  • Begin with a cableway ride to the Refuge, where many huts and accommodation options are available.

  • After a short break, do an acclimatization hike to an elevation of 4,400 m, till the end of the refuge here.

Overnight stay in the huts at the Refuge. 

DAY 05

Pastukhov’s Rocks

  • Do an acclimatization hike to Pastukhov’s Rocks (4,700 m).

DAY 06

rest day

  • Spend the day resting and in relaxation, and also making final preparations for climbing Mount Elbrus, on the next day.

DAY 07

mount elbrus

  • Climb up to reach the summit of Mt. Elbrus (5,642 m). Begin early, between 2 – 4 am. There will be the use of a Snowcats, depending upon trekking conditions. The proportion of Russian guides and clients is strictly in the ration of 1:3.

DAY 08

Reserve day

  • Use today a rest or reserve day, in case a need arises during the climb up to Mount Elbrus. 

  • Descend to a nearby mountain hotel for stay.

DAY 09


  • Airport transfers will be at 7 am, so do plan your return flights accordingly. On the way, if there is time, you can stop at Pyatigorsk city before reaching the airport.

  • 993 EUR Per Adult (* price is as given only if you join our regular dates. Private dates will counted by request.)
  • Mountain guides: one leading Russian tour guide for the program of Elbrus climb and several assistants for the day of summiting, with a strict proportion of 1 guide per three climbers. This means that if there are four clients in a group, there will be two guides for them. There is no limitation on attempts for the group to summit. However, if part of the group made it to the summit while some members failed to, summiting is considered successful, and any additional attempts are made for additional payment.

  • Services of a cook.

  • Hotel with accommodation in double and triple rooms. Duration of stay depends on the schedule.

  • Accommodation in huts. Duration of stay depends on the schedule of Elbrus climb.

  • All transfers mentioned in the itinerary (including lifts) – from and to airport/station.

  • Meals three times a day throughout the trip. Dinner on the first day, breakfast – on the last.

  • All required permits and registrations.

  • Equipment for the group (ropes, ice screws, radios, first-aid set, satellite navigators/GPS).

  • Snowcat on the summiting day.

  • Single accommodation.

  • Personal equipment.

  • Any deviations to the original schedule.

  • The longest 9-day schedule for Elbrus climb from the south greatly repeats the 7-day schedule of Elbrus climb from the south. It is designed for those who climb mountains for sheer pleasure and not for overcoming oneself and challenges.

  • This schedule offers longer acclimatization on the valley and on the mountain (one extra day for each). You will submit the mountain on the seventh day of the schedule which guarantees pretty good and unhasty acclimatization, making your chances of successful Elbrus summiting even stronger.

  • This schedule of a Mount Elbrus climb is the least challenging and a most rewarding for your body. It is a perfect option for those who are more after enjoying nature and landscape than challenging oneself. This is arguably the most moderate schedule for climbing Elbrus. The comfort of a hotel and refuge will make your trip twice as agreeable.  And the three reserve days will make your success almost inevitable.

Mount Elbrus

Mountaineering Tour
Nature Tour
Trekking Tour

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Sergey Baranov

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EUR 993
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Private Tour

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