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8 Days Culture tour itinerary for romania: Take The Classic Romania Tour

Bucharest, Brasov, Sighisoara, Sibiu, Alba Iulia, Cluj Napoca, Sinaia, Hunedoara, Maramures County

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Authentic Experience in Romania
Take the Classic Romania Tour

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Witness the most prominent tourist attractions in the country, Romania on this tour which takes off from Bucharest, crossing the region of Transylvania, visiting unique castles and traditional villages protected by UNESCO World Heritage and reaching all the way up to the warm and welcoming region of Maramures.

DAY 01

Bucharest - Sinaia

  • Arrival at Otopeni international airport where you’ll be met by your guide.

  • Transfer to Sinaia.

  • Dinner in a local restaurant.

DAY 02

Sinaia - Bran - Brasov - Sibiu

  • Our second day of Classic Romania Tour begins in the small but eye-catching mountain resort of Sinaia. Its fame rose mostly thanks to the royal family who chose Sinaia as their royal residence in the 20th century. 

  • Our first stop will be the Orthodox Monastery in Sinaia, followed by the Peleș Castle, the splendid Gothic style castle built by the first king of Romania, Carol the first of Hohenzollern.

  • Then we’ll arrive in Braşov, a city founded by the Teutonic Knights.

  • Here we’ll walk on one of the narrowest streets in the world and cross the Council Square to reach the Gothic cathedral, famously called the Black Church.

  • Lunch will be taken in the picturesque region of Bran-Moecl, with the whitewashed Bran Castle as a backdrop. Or should we say Dracula’s Castle, as everyone famously calls it?

  • On leaving the castle you can buy souvenirs reminding you of Dracula or Romania.

  • Our journey continues, taking us deeper into the heart of Transylvania, to Sibiu. Sibiu’s historical center has a striking resemblance to a German burg and is one of the best preserved medieval cities in our country.

  • We’ll have dinner in one of the restaurants located in the central square.

DAY 03

Sibiu - Sebes - Hunedoara - Alba Iulia - Cluj Napoca

  • Elected European cultural capital in 2007, Sibiu has a particular charm, blending history and multicultural elements. Built by German settlers in the 12th century, the city was ruled for several generations by the most influential guilds. 

  • The city tour includes the old town whose attraction is the main Square sheltering the Brukenthal Museum and the Roman Catholic Cathedral, and it continues with Huet Square where we’ll visit the Evangelical Church.

  • Afterward, we’ll go through the passage of stairs and cross the famous Bridge of Lies.

  • Next on the list of Classic Romania Tour is the rural replica of Sibiu – Sibiel – a quaint Transylvanian village appraised by specialized magazines as one as the most authentic and well-preserved rural areas in Europe. Here we’ll have the opportunity to learn about the lifestyle of people in the countryside and enjoy a traditional lunch prepared from organic products.

  • After lunch, we’ll visit the largest museum of icons on glass in Romania. Since Transylvania is renowned for its medieval legends, the best place to listen to such awe-inspiring stories is an ancient Gothic castle, namely the Corvin Castle in Hunedoara, built in the fifteenth century.

  • Our travel continues in Romania’s largest fortress surrounded by 12 km of walls in the shape of a star: Alba Carolina fortress was successively a Roman fortress during the Middle Ages and later a Vauban type Citadel provided with bastions.

  • The journey continues with the largest city in Transylvania, Cluj Napoca, proclaimed city of the arts.

DAY 04

Cluj Napoca - Breb - Barsana - Sighetu Marmatiei

  • The first hours of the day will be devoted to a city tour. St Michael's Gothic Cathedral overlooking the city’s central square comes first on our list of attractions of the Classic Romania Tour, followed by the Banffy Castle, the former mayor’s hall, and the so-called Mirror Street.

  • From Cluj, we’re heading to the north west of Romania, to Maramures– a region resembling a fascinating museum in the open. Lacking rights and privileges for hundreds of years, the dwellers of these places have managed to overcome hardship by following two simple rules: live your life to the full and cherish, above all, the richness of the soul. Maramureș people are considered to be the most hospitable Romanians and their traditional wooden houses are a living part of their history.

  • For lunch, we are invited into the home of a welcoming family from the village of Breb, where we’ll have the opportunity to enjoy fresh produce and delicious fruity liqueurs.

  • After lunch, we’ll visit an old wooden church, nowadays included among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, as well as beautiful ethnic houses renovated by the foundation sponsored by Prince Charles, whose activity supports local people in preserving and fostering their culture and traditions. 

  • Not far from Sighet – our final destination – is Săpînţa, the world’s one and only community with a merry cemetery. The wood carved crosses painted in bright colors display witty, humorous quatrains inspired by the lives of those who are no longer with us.

  • Romanian traditional dinner and folkloric show.

DAY 05

Sighetu Marmatiei - Biertan - Sighisoara

  • In the morning, we’ll visit two ancient wooden churches that are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Fund: Poienile Izei (Iza Meadows) and Bârsana, the latter being one of the largest Orthodox architectural ensembles in Romania. Perfected across generations, the art of wood carving remains the chief craft of the local community, as we shall see in the workshop of a local artisan. After his presentation, you’ll be able to buy unique hand-made souvenirs.

  • Next, we head back to the center of Romania to see other interesting places. After lunch, we reach Biertan, the largest fortified church in Transylvania built by the Saxons in the sixteenth century and nowadays listed as UNESCO monument. An important highlight of the Classic Romania Tour is Sighișoara, considered the only medieval fortress within UNESCO that’s currently inhabited.

  • Walking up the winding cobble stone streets lined with historical buildings, we reach the Clock Tower, a symbol of the city, atop of which you can admire the breathtaking views. The Tower shelters a museum of medieval weapons and the chamber of torture.

  • After visiting the tower we’ll climb the three hundred wooden steps up to the Church-on-the-hill, built in the XIV century.

  • Dinner in a restaurant that captures the medieval atmosphere.

DAY 06

Sighisoara - Viscri - Prejmer - Buchares

  • After leaving Sighișoara, we’ll make our way to a small secluded village whose reputation is more recently related to Prince Charles. Fascinated by life in the countryside and the peaceful atmosphere of this Transylvanian village, His Royal Highness restored one of the traditional houses, making it the place where he returns every year in May.

  • Besides admiring the specific architecture of Viscri houses, we’ll visit the small church surrounded by thick walls and the tower where the locals traditionally keep their pickles and preserves.

  • From Viscri, we’ll head off to the Prejmer Fortress, included in the UNESCO World Heritage Fund and an important highlight of the Classic Romania Tour. Its defense walls have been transformed into shelter homes in war time so that the fortress has the appearance of a honeycomb.

  • Lunch in Brasov

  • Transfer to Bucharest after driving through the scenic Prahova Valley, Romania’s most popular tourist area and a key destination for winter sports lovers.

  • On the way to the hotel, we’ll take a panoramic tour of Bucharest.

  • Dinner in one of the most famous restaurants in the capital. The program will include live music and Romanian folk dances.

DAY 07


  • The seven day of the Classic Romania Tour is dedicated to discover Bucharest, the place where Western and Eastern cultures interestingly blend. Beyond this exotic mix, one can undoubtedly feel the inescapable influence of the communist period. The most distinctive building dating back to the communist regime is the Palace of the Parliament. Also known as Ceaușescu’s Palace, the impressive edifice entered the Guinness world records as the second largest government building in the world after the Pentagon. While going through its huge and imposing marble rooms lit by chandeliers, we’ll learn the grim statistics that enabled its rise.

  • Next on our agenda is a sightseeing tour of Bucharest’s old city, which shelters several architectural gems and representative buildings at the same time.

  • Lunch will be taken in the quaint atmosphere of the interwar period at the no less famous restaurant Hanullui Manuc (Manuc’s Inn), a staple of old Bucharest.

  • The afternoon is free for last-minute shopping.

  • In the evening, we’ll meet in the famous restaurant Tears and Saints, where besides products with exotic names we’ll enjoy the ambiance of the last century.

DAY 08


  • Breakfast and check out.

  • The last day of the Classic Romania Tour.

  • The airport transfer will take place according to schedule.

  • 592 EUR Per Adult (* per 10-14 pers)
  • 640 EUR Per Adult (* per 7 pers)
  • 648 EUR Per Adult (* per 8-9 pers)
  • 698 EUR Per Adult (* per 6 pers)
  • 780 EUR Per Adult (* per 5 pers)
  • 816 EUR Per Adult (* per 3 pers)
  • 889 EUR Per Adult (* per 4 pers)
  • 1079 EUR Per Adult (* per 2 pers)
  1. Transfer Airport-Hotel-Airport

  2. Accommodation for 7 nights

  3. Private English speaking guide

  4. Entrance fees for the sights included in itinerary

  1. Airline tickets

  2. Travel insurance

  3. Meals, other than mentioned in the itinerary and alcoholic beverages

  4. Entrance fees to monuments/sights other than those mentioned in the itinerary

  5. Various expenses such as room service, beverages, personal calls, souvenirs, etc.

Bucharest, Brasov, Sighisoara, Sibiu, Alba Iulia, Cluj Napoca, Sinaia, Hunedoara, Maramures County

Nature Tour
Culture Tour
Museum Tour

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