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11 Days Architecture tour itinerary for romania: Discover The Spectacular Secrets Of Romania

Bucharest, Brasov, Sighisoara, Sibiu, Alba Iulia

Bird Watching Tour
Nature Tour
Architecture Tour
Authentic Experience in Romania
Discover the Spectacular Secrets of Romania



Witness the amazing tour of Romania which offers one, challenging and unforgettable experiences of the world heritage sites, local food tasting, local wedding, and some mysterious divine connections.

DAY 01


  • Travelers visiting Bucharest will find it inevitable not to visit the Palace of Parliament, also known as the People’s House. However, few choose to go down into the basement of this impressive 12 storey building with four additional underground levels and 2 bunkers.

  • The legend says that Bucharest’s early days are related to a small island in the middle of Lake Snagov, which sheltered a small chapel built by Vlad Tepes - An enemy of the Turks and the Romanians’ legendary figure who inspired Bram Stoker’s character, Dracula.

DAY 02

Bucharest - Danube Delta

  • When traveling to Romania, make sure you don’t miss the Danube Delta, a natural reserve included on the UNESCO world heritage site list.

  • Also called Europe’s Amazon, the Delta boasts rare species of plants and birds and offers a rare opportunity to enjoy unspoiled nature and stunning scenery.

DAY 03

Danube Delta

  • Danube Delta was so secluded that in the past it used to shelter people persecuted on religious grounds, pirates, and adventurers. Letea forest is the only rainforest-like area in Europe, famous for its herds of wild horses.

  • Last but not least, we will approach the locals’ universe, sampling tasty traditional foods, and drinks; speaking of which, don’t miss the fish-based dishes!

DAY 04

Danube Delta - Caves - Transylvania

  • In the past, in order to feel close to divinity, people searched for the most remote and inaccessible places, where only the wildest animals dwelt. Nowadays, the cave churches from Buzău are just as secluded and continue to be considered mysterious places charged by a special energy. Some of them date back to the sixth century and their walls are covered with ancient inscriptions - traces of extinct civilizations.

  • On our way, we’ll stop by the mud volcanoes, a curious place where the ground seems to boil with large bubbles, just like a genuine sci-fi landscape.

  • At the end of the day, we arrive at Brasov, one of the key destinations of Romanian tourism. The central square is the liveliest venue in old-town Brasov and it often houses workshop-demonstrations of ancient medieval crafts.

DAY 05

Brasov - Rasnov - Bran - Zarnesti - Brasov

  • There are tourist attractions accessible to everyone and those that can be considered surprisingly, only for connoisseurs.

  • Today we’ll do a mix of the two: the most visited tourist attraction in Romania - Bran Castle, for Dracula fans (this is the place where the count created by Bram Stoker lived) and the bear reserve in Zărnesti, a wildlife sanctuary in the Carpathian Mountains.

  • Here, we’ll look for traces of wolves and bears under the guidance of a trace hunter who will explain in detail how animals live in one of the very last wilderness areas of Europe.

DAY 06

Brasov - Transfagarasan - Sibiu

  • We’ll cross the Carpathian Mountains from south to north, on one of the most spectacular roads in the entire world - the Transfagarasan stretches on 90 km of incredible scenery and challenging mountain roads that will test your driving skills.

  • The road takes us by a huge artificial lake and a few waterfalls, reaching 2040 meters at the top, near the Balea glacial lake.

DAY 07


  • Sibiu is quite famed for its German influence and the rich cultural life, manifested mainly through outdoor theater shows.

  • In the surroundings of the city, there is one of the best preserved rural areas famous for Romanian traditions, a place where people have maintained the old ways, unchanged for hundreds of years.

  • Witnessing a traditional Romanian wedding is a unique experience, reminiscent of the simple joy of living.

DAY 08

Sibiu - Densus Temple - Hunyad Castle - Alba Carolina Fortress

  • The country of Haţeg has plenty of legends about dragons - prehistoric dinosaur footprints being often encountered by locals. One of the most fascinating aspects of this place is the mysterious connection to the ancient gods.

  • The Densus church is one the oldest Romanian churches still standing. On the setting of the present-day church where Christian sermons are held, there once was a temple dedicated to the Dacian God, Zamolxis.

  • At dusk, we’ll delve into the Corvin Castle to visit the cold, awe-inspiring Gothic halls lit by torchlight. The castle, built in Gothic style with Renaissance elements is one of the most impressive ones in the world.

DAY 09

Alba Carolina Fortrees - Sighisoara - Brasov

  • When you say Transylvania, you say medieval castles and fortresses, beautiful villages scattered through mountains and warm, hospitable people. Therefore, your vacation in Romania continues with the discovery of medieval Transylvania.

  • Alba Iulia fortress has the shape of a six-pointed star.

  • Sighisoara, with its beautiful, winding streets of cobblestone is the only European citadel where people have been living uninterruptedly since the Middle Ages.

DAY 10

Brasov - Peles Castle - Sphinx - bucharest

  • What you’re about to see today will certainly raise a few questions: at an altitude of over two thousand meters, there’s a rock chiseled by time and natural phenomena, with the shape of a human face. It has the dimensions of the Egyptian Sphinx, the similarities being striking, but it is much older.

  • Upon our descent, we’ll enter the former royal residence of Peles, a palace where you can admire art collections, books, and rare weapons.

DAY 11


  • Your amazing holiday in Romania comes to an end.

  • 1371 EUR Per Adult (* for 7 pers)
  • 1398 EUR Per Adult (* for 10-14 pers)
  • 1417 EUR Per Adult (* for 8-9 pers)
  • 1452 EUR Per Adult (* for 6 pers)
  • 1598 EUR Per Adult (* for 5 pers)
  • 1761 EUR Per Adult (* for 4 pers)
  • 1999 EUR Per Adult (* for 3 pers)
  • 2409 EUR Per Adult (* for 2 pers)
  • 4609 EUR Per Adult (* for 1 pers)
  1. Transfer Airport-Hotel-Airport

  2. Accommodation for 10 nights

  3. Private English speaking guide

  4. Entrance fees for the sights included in itinerary

  5. Transport by private car/coach

  6. Full board: 10 Breakfasts, 10 lunches (3 traditional organic lunches), 10 Dinners (2 Traditional Romanian Dinners with Folk Show)

  1. Airline tickets

  2. Travel insurance

  3. Meals, other than mentioned in the itinerary and alcoholic beverages

  4. Entrance fees to monuments/sights other than those mentioned in the itinerary

  5. Various expenses such as room service, beverages, personal calls, souvenirs, etc.

Bucharest, Brasov, Sighisoara, Sibiu, Alba Iulia

Bird Watching Tour
Nature Tour
Architecture Tour

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