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8 Days Culture tour itinerary for romania: Explore With Mountain Villages, Museums & Valleys

Baia Mare, Cluj Napoca, Maramures County, Transylvania

Nature Tour
Rural Experience Tour
Culture Tour

Enjoy seeing a variety of settings ranging from mountains, plains, big cities and quaint villages. Know about the multi-ethnic heritage of Transilvania in the city's architecture, cuisines and costumes. Carpathian Mountains, Salt Mines, Vaser Valley etc. are the major attractions that you will come across.

DAY 01

Cluj NApoca

  • Arrive at Cluj, which is an unofficial capital of the Transylvania region.

  • Go on a city tour. (optional)

DAY 02

Turda - Salt Mines

  • Take a short drive from Cluj to Turda and visit the Salt Mine.

  • Travel to the other great Salt Mine of the region in Praid with some sightseeing on the way.

  • Have a good lunch at Sovata.

  • Visit the Salt Mine.

  • Head towards Bistrita and Colibita. (sightseeing, Transylvanian villages, surprise visits)

  • Have dinner in Bistrita city centre.

  • Accommodation at Lake Colibita.

DAY 03

Bistrita, Colibita

  • Enjoy the long way from Colibita to Borsa.

  • See the Carpathian Mountains and the authentic slow-paced countryside.

  • Explore the mountains and traditional mountain villages.

  • Travel from Calimani National Park to Muntii Rodnei National Park.

DAY 04

borsa, maramures

  • Go on sightseeing of mountains, lakes and waterfalls.

  • Visit the isolated villages abound with locals and craftsmen. See the well-preserved rural life and see the traditional villages.

  • Have a local lunch.

DAY 05

Viseu de jos

  • Take the Mocanita circuit on the Vaser Valley.

DAY 06

Sighetu MArmatiei

Visit the following places with our tour guide:

  • Barsana Monastery.

  • Memorial Museum to the Victims of Communism and to the Resistance.

  • Elie Wiesel Memorial House.

  • Open Air Village Museum.

  • Merry Cemetery of Sapanta.

DAY 07

Baia Mare

  • Head to Baia Mare via the mountains and traditional villages.

  • See the 100 years old water mill in Sarbi on the way.

  • Try very tasty "palinka" and "visinata" from the local host.

  • Take a city tour of Baia Mare.

  • Walk around Lake Mogosa and/or the Blue Lake and/or Lake Firiza.

DAY 08

Rohia - Targu Lapus - Cluj NApoca

  • Travel to Cluj Napoca via Targu Lapus and Rohia.

  • Go for sightseeing and mountaineering.

  • See the monasteries and wooden churches.

  • Arrive at Cluj Napoca.

  • 360 EUR Per Adult (* Min. 3 pax. and max. 16 pax. Ideal for 6-8 pax.)
  • Romanian tour guiding services + Driving.

  • Transport cost. (minivan or minibus, fuel, road taxes, parking)

  • Accommodation.

  • Food and drinks.

  • Eating and drinking can be arranged locally.

  • Regions of Transylvania can be easily combined with some from Hungary, maybe a city tour of Budapest. 

  • It is also worth considering the option of flying to and from Budapest Airport, even if you have in mind only regions and objectives in Transylvania.

  • Wine tasting session can be organized.

  • The cost/person is decreasing, up to 20%, as the group is larger.

  • We prefer and promote a more pragmatic, realistic and personal approach in form of tailor-made services rather than template style commercial packages.

  • Tours are flexible with us. We focus on your curiosity and interests, value your time and widen your knowledge about Transylvania, Romania and Hungary.

  • The tour is adjustable from 8 to 5-6 days depending on availability and priorities.

Baia Mare, Cluj Napoca, Maramures County, Transylvania

Nature Tour
Rural Experience Tour
Culture Tour

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