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22 Days Trekking tour itinerary for Huaraz & Lima: Explore Cordillera Blanca And Peruvian Towns

Huaraz, Lima

Mountaineering Tour
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Trekking Tour
Explore Cordillera Blanca and Peruvian Towns

trekking in Cordillera Blanca


Long and arduous but exciting and adventurous, this trek has every element of thrill, an experience you will remember all your life. As you hike and halt and camp at different level base camps you will enjoy nature in its many hues and colours, vast landscapes and lakes to mountain peaks. 

DAY 01

Reception in the International Airport Lima – Hotel

  • Our Tour leader in Lima will wait for you at the airport and transfer to Hotel.

DAY 02

Lima – Huaraz

  • Take the early bus for a contrasting journey ending in the high Andes at the small highland city of Huaraz.

  • We head north through the coastal desert to Pativilca, then turn inland and begin climbing north-east. As we climb, barren valley sides contrast with cultivated river banks. Cacti gradually give way to scrub, then temperate vegetation and eventually puna grassland.

  • At the journey’s high point, Conococha (4,050 metres), we turn north and descend the Callejon de Huaylas where the huge Cordillera Blanca snow peaks to the right (E) begin to dominate the landscape. The Cordillera Blanca mountain range contains the major concentration of peaks over 6,000 metres, outside the Himalayas.

  • We arrive at Huaraz (3,090m) in the late afternoon.

DAY 03

Huaraz – Free Day Acclimatizing

  • Huaraz, a bustling town of 80 thousand inhabitants, is our Andean base. The valley sits in what is known as the 'Callejon de Huaylas'. This is flanked to the east by the Cordillera Blanca.

  • Besides offering breathtaking mountain panoramas, featuring Huascarán (Peru’s highest peak at 6,768m), Huandoy (6,395m), Churup and Ranrapalca (6,162 metres), Huaraz is conveniently placed for activities before, between, and after the trek.

  • Today we have our trek briefing and take a local walk to see some pre-Inca ruins.

DAY 04

Huaraz Full Day Tour to Pre-Inka Complex Chavin de Huantar

  • This tour is a mix of beautiful scenery with culture and history.  No visit to Huaraz is complete without seeing the famous architectural ruins of Chavin, located 109 km from Huaraz in the Conchucos Region. We will leave your hotel around 9:00 a.m., driving through the villages of Recuay, Ticapampa y Catac.

  • We will stop at Querococha Lake, from where we will start to climb until Cahuish Tunnel. From that point, we are entering Callejon de los Conchucos, driving through picturesque communities of Tambillos, Machac, Quercus - until we arrive at famous Chavin de Huantar.

  • Between 800-200 B.C., this culture developed a powerful religion which had great influence over many parts of highland and coastal Peru. The great temple contains many stone-lined galleries where Chavin priests consulted their gods (the Great Idol or Lanzon) and performed sacrificial ceremonies.

  • There is also an on-site museum, rather small, but very interesting.

  • We will return to Huaraz after lunch, and finally, leave you at your hotel for a well-deserved rest.

DAY 05

Huaraz – Lake Churup Acclimatizing

  • Day hike to the turquoise waters of Laguna Churup (4500 meters).

  • Approximately 6 hours round trip.

  • Return to Huaraz.

DAY 06

Huaraz – Llamac

  • Pack your bags, as today we leave Huaraz for the town of Llamac. 5 hours.

  • On arrival relax and explore the town. 

  • We cross wild paramo (puna), passing the southernmost peaks of the Cordillera Blanca. The Huayhuash range, containing a single cluster of seven of the highest and most dramatic summits in Peru, reveals itself on our descent to the small town of Llamac.

Altitude of Camp: 3,300 metres. 

We leave Huaraz and drive south.

DAY 07

Llamac – Cuartelhuain

  • Our breakfast will be at 7 am, to be ready at 8 am to start the trekking.

  • We’ll continue going up through the Pocpa valley, and there’s a peasant town typically called Pocpa - the last town in this valley where we can buy some soda drinks for the sunny trek.

  • At 1 pm, we’ll have arrived at Pallca where we’ll have lunch.

  • From here, in 2 or 3 hours we’ll get to our camping place Matacancha at 4100 masl.

  • From here we’ll appreciate the Ninashanca Mountain 5607 masl, Rondoy 5870 masl.

  • Overnight camping.

DAY 08


  • We’ll start our trek; this time it’s going to be a bit difficult because climbing to the pass will take us about 2 or 3 hours.

  • From the pass, we’ll go down and then we’ll go-up approx 30 minutes.

  • We’ll have lunch after the small climb.

  • We’ll take the alternative trail to get early to the camping place and not for walking the same route the next day. In this route, the trekkers will appreciate the Andean rabbits called Vizcachas, caught by local citizens for its tasty meat.

  • Once we have arrived at our camping place early, we’ll have time to go fishing around the lake while our cook prepares the dinner. 

  • We will camp at 4200 masl.

DAY 09


  • After our breakfast and packing our things, we’ll start our trekking at 8 am today as it is going to be easy.

  • After 3 hours walking, we’ll reach the pass where we’ll have lunch.

  • We’ll walk, always enjoying the white peaked mountains such as Yerupaja, Jirishanca, and Siula, we’ll get our camp place approx at 3 or 4 pm.

  • We’ll be surprised by a beautiful lake, keeping the mountain’s silhouettes green. So we will have our camp prepared in the special place facing the lake. 

  • We camp at 4138 masl.

DAY 10

Carhuacocha Explore Siula Lakes

  • Morning breakfast in Carhuacocha.

  • Today, you can visit the Siula Lakes at the base of Yerupaja and Siula mountains, with their small icebergs.

  • Then return to the camp site and do your own activities in the afternoon such as washing, taking pictures, walking around the lake, fishing or just resting with a nice view of the lake Carhuacocha.

DAY 11

Caruacocha – Huayhuash

  • At 8 am after breakfast, we start our trekking, relaxed after the rest day before.

  • After going up approx for one hour, we’ll get an easy trail even on the ascent to get to the Carnicero Pass at 4600.

  • After the pass, there are scenic places to have lunch next to the Carnicero lakes.

  • From here a few kilometres going-down, we’ll arrive at our camping place, that’s just next to the Jurau Lake or Huayhuash.

  • Bergsport always uses this place due to its scenic beauty with the view of the mountains.

  • We’ll have camped here at 4350 masl.

DAY 12

Huayhuash – Viconga

  • After the breakfast, we’ll continue our trekking. Easy going up to the Portachuelo de Huayhuash Pass.

  • From here we’ll go down to the camp place Viconga to have lunch, and after it, go to the hot springs - 20 minutes walking down from the camp place.

  • Those who don’t want to go to the hot springs will have a free afternoon and rest in the camp.

  • The camp place will be at 4450 masl.

DAY 13

Viconga – Huanacpatay

  • This day we’ll have moderate going-up to the highest pass in our whole trip, but it will take us approximately 3 hours; so this time it will be enjoyable because the Cuyoc Mountain will be closer to us.

  • After getting to this pass, we will go-down the Guanacpatay valley to have lunch.

  • Going-down from the pass is very dusty and rocky.

  • We’ll reach the beautiful field full of grass; where we will have lunch.

  • After few hours walking, we’ll find our camping place in the peaceful Valley of Guanacpatay at 4300 masl.

DAY 14

Huanacpatay – Huatiac

  • Departure at 8 am; this time it will be easy for the trekkers due to descent only.

  • After stopping for the lunch in Huayllapa, continue on the trek. Huayllapa is a small isolated peasant village lies at 3700 masl. This small town does not even have electricity or car trail, so you can wonder how they made this village with a school and first aid medical house. Here, the small Andean shops will provide us soda drinks, bears, and first-aid necessities.

  • Then after lunch in Huyallapa, we will continue hiking up for about 3 hours to get the next campsite of Huatiac; here we will camp at 4250 masl.

  • Dinner and overnight.

DAY 15

Huatiac – Cashpapampa

  • This time we’ll have about 3 hours to go up to the Tapush pass 4800masl.

  • After getting to the pass, we will walk down an easy trail and arrive at the camp place early afternoon; here we will have plenty of time to relax for the rest of the day.

  • Overnight at 4400 masl.

DAY 16

Cashpapampa – Jahuacocha

  • After breakfast, as always in the morning we’ll start our trekking - moderate going-up to the Yaucha Pass 4800 masl.

  • In two hours, we’ll stop in the pass for rest and pictures; we’ll continue going down along the Huacrish ravine for approx three or four hours, and suddenly we’ll be surprised by a beautiful panoramic landscape.

  • The Jahuacocha lake at the base of the mountains Jirishanca, Yerupaja, and Rondoy, is a beautiful green colour lake that lies at 4066 masl. From our camp place, we can enjoy the spectacular avalanches coming down from Jirishanca.

  • Next to our camp, we’ll find a typical Mountain hut for sheepherders; and its owner Mr Delao Huaranga will receive us with cool bear and soda waters. It’s hard to find cola at this altitude, but tourists can find it in Mr Delao’s Humble hut, that he sells to the visitors or to people who camp in Jahuacocha. If you want to know more about the Jahuacocha and the mountains, Mr Delao Huaranga will provide the additional information.

  • Overnight in Jahuacocha at 4066 masl.

DAY 17

Jahuacocha Rest Day

  • This day is for a free tour; our guide will explain to the tourists the many alternatives such as fishing, go to the upper lake Solterococha, walk around the lakes, stay at the lake, washing, etc.

  • You can coordinate box lunches and other needs the previous day.

  • Our dinner will be prepared at camp.

DAY 18

ahuacocha - Llamac – Huaraz

  • This time we will feel that we have to leave the most beautiful long trek. We’ll go-up, easy walking to the Pampallamac place where we’ll say goodbye to the Huayhuash Mountains.

  • A few meters down we’ll have lunch.

  • After resting for a few minutes, we’ll go-down to Llamac town arriving at 1 or 2 pm approx, then we’ll leave Llamac town driving down along the Llamac river until Timpoc, where the Llamac river and the Pacllon river joins, and from here we’ll start going-up to Chiquian along the Ainin river.

  • Arriving at Chiquian, the passengers will walk around the village, and afterwards, continue on to Huaraz for 3 hours drive.

  • Transfer to hotel.

DAY 19

Huaraz – Llanganuco Lakes

  • This full-day bus tour starts in Huaraz city, located below the Cordillera Blanca on the banks of Santa River.

  • We depart to the North of the Callejon de Huaylas, visiting small towns and villages, making stops in some interesting points like Anta, place from where we have a nice and direct view of Huascaran, the highest Peruvian peak; Carhuaz a typical Andean town famous for their ice creams; Yungay (the sacred field), town completely covered by the avalanche caused by the earthquake in 1970 from Huascaran, there we can see some palm plants, rest of ancient buildings, the cemetery and the big rocks as witnesses of big disaster was; Yungay, small town located to the south of the ancient town, from this place we take a road to the East side of the Callejon the Huaylas up to the Cordillera Blanca, we get into the Llanganuco valley located between Huandoy and Huascaran mounts in the area of Huascaran National Park.

  • We will find two lakes among the Andean plants such as Quenuals and Quisuars - the highest, growing trees in the world, Totoras (Schoenoplectus Californicus), etc.

  • We will visit the lakes Chinancocha and Horqoncocha (female and male lakes); after walking around these lakes, we return through the same way to Yungay then continue to Caraz, the last most important town located in the Callejon de Huaylas, famous for its dairy products especially for the milk sweets.

  • In this town, we will have late lunch.

  • After lunch, return to Huaraz, making a stop in Taricá, a Handicraft village where you can buy some souvenirs

  • Arriving at Huaraz around 7 pm.

DAY 20

Huaraz – Lima

  • After the breakfast in the hotel, transfer to Bus Station in Huaraz and transfer to Lima, where our tour leader with his taxi will be waiting for the passengers.

  • Transfer to Hotel in Lima.

DAY 21

Lima – City Tours

  • Your guided Lima city tour starts at the Plaza Mayor (Plaza de Armas).

  • You will visit the cathedral, the Archbishop's Palace and the San Francisco Church.

  • Inside San Francisco church, the most magnificent colonial and monumental centre of America's, you find a Basilica with 21 altars, the convent with the cloister, the Clementina and Capitular room, the choir, the monks' library and the Profundis Museum that exhibits 11 paintings of Rubens.

  • The sacristy exhibits paintings of Zurbaran and Rivera. The Gran Patio is garnished with Seville's tiles from the XVI century and Moorish arcs.

  • You can visit the underground tombs (catacombs).

  • Around 12 o'clock, you can see the famous ceremonial changing of the guard in front of the presidential palace.

DAY 22

Lima – Departure

  • Breakfast in the Hotel and transfer to the International Airport in Lima for the flight back home.

  • 1800 USD Per Adult
  1. 2 nights Hotel in Lima 3*** Category Hotel.

  2. 6 Nights Hotel in Huaraz 3*** Category Hotel.

  3. One Tour to Llanganuco Lakes with Spanish Guide.

  4. One Tour to Chavin Ruina with Spanish Guide.

  5. One acclimatizing hike with Guide.

  6. Collection from your hotel in the morning.

  7. Transportation by public bus to the start of the trail (Llamac, the beginning of the trip).

  8. English speaking professional trekking guide.

  9. Sleeping tents - 2 persons in each capacity tent with plenty of space for your backpacks and better comfort.

  10. Double thickness foam mattress.

  11. Kitchen tent, Dining tent with camp tables and chairs.

  12. Accommodations: 11 nights camping.

  13. Accommodation for our crew.

  14. First aid kit including emergency oxygen bottle.

  15. Huayhuash National Park Entrance fees.

  16. Hot water every morning and evening for washing purposes (while hiking).

  17. Cook and Cooking equipment (only if more than five passengers).

  18. Excellent Meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner).

  19. food includes pancakes, omelettes, soups, fresh fruit, avocado, pasta, chicken, fish, meat, rice, all rich in carbohydrates and suitable for trekking, hot drinks including coca leaf tea which is excellent for the altitude.

  20. We supply boiled water to fill in your water bottle all the time,(while hiking) if you may need more, please request it with enough time ahead to your crew.

  21. Teatime (tea, coffee, biscuits, popcorn).

  22. Horses and Donkeys days (for equipment and personal items, actually your main heavy stuff, will be carried by the horses, it means you only will carry a small day bag, day by day, we included.

  23. The bus returning from Llamac to Huaraz City.

  24. Transfer to your hotel.

  25. Transfers from Airport – Hotel in/out in Lima.

  1. Dinner on the last day of the program.

  2. Meals in Chavin, Llanganuco, Churup and Huaraz (while in cities).

  3. Personal Drinks.

  4. Sleeping bags can be hired in Huaraz. 

  5. Tips for the guide, cook and Donkey Drivers.

  6. Personal equipment.

  • 5% of the price when customers arrive in Peru is handled directly by people or family in needs personally through our clients.

  • 5% of direct donation may be for Study supplies (notebooks, books, pencils, papers, pens, erasers etc, etc for Schools or individuals), Medicines (common medicines for common health Illnesses), Clothes for Family and Children.

  • We have a list of families and their needs. They live in the countryside mainly and this visit could be coordinated as an acclimatizing Trek.

Huaraz, Lima

Mountaineering Tour
Rural Experience Tour
Trekking Tour

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Edgar Zambrano

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