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About Siddharthanagar

Siddharthanagar, also known as Bhairawa, is a small city located on the Terai plains of Nepal. A gateway city, Siddharthanagar is a popular border crossing for both Buddhist pilgrims travelling to the holy sites of Lumbini and Kapilvastu, and Hindu pilgrims journeying to Pashupatinath. As well as these spiritual travellers, backpackers making their way to Nepal and adventure-seekers heading out to the jungles or mountains pass through this city on a regular basis, making Siddharthanagar a bustling hive of activity.
It is in this region that Lord Buddha spent his early years and hence, many of the sights here are religious. Home to the archaeological sites of Devedaha, Kapilvastu and the sacred Lumbini Garden, even the village of Ramagram nearby houses ruins of a stupa and monastary. It’s best to take part in a village tour around these sites with a Siddharthanagar tourist guide to get the most out of the ancient history of the place. Terai flatland trekking is also common and can be a rewarding experience with a hike to the wetlands around Lumbini for sightings of varied species of birds and the Sarus Crane.

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