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We have met July for our two days visit in Yangon, January 2017. Although our stay in her company was quite short, it stays in our memory as a ... More more right

Review for July Htike Htike, Tour guide in Myitkyina, Myanmar

About Myitkyina

The landscapes around Myitkyina are dominated by topography and water. The wide Irrawaddy spreads out right next to the town, while the foothills of Kachin State – of which Myitkyina is the capital – begin to rise and fall like crumpled green paper on all sides.

The rural setting is just a clue to the isolation of this place. It is far away from the bustle of Yangon and Mandalay, replacing monumental sights with the sweeping waters of Indawgyi Lake and the great confluence at Myitsone – where two Himalayan channels combine to form the vena cava of the Irrawaddy itself. A Myitkyina tour guide can help you see all those amazing places, revealing rustic tribal villages and mystical pilgrimage spots like Alam Udang Bum mountain along the way. Back in the town and you can spy out the throbbing amber markets that dominate the northern sectors. Haggle through for precious stones, or just people watch, all before hitting the green spaces of Kachin Manao Park, a place that erupts each January with dancers and processions to mark the annual Kachin Manau Festival. Make sure to check foreign office advice before travelling to Myitkyina and Kachin State.

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