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10 Days Nature tour itinerary for estonia: Hop-skip Across Exotic Baltic Countries

Riga, Vilnius, Tallinn, Klaipeda, Lahemaa National Park, Soomaa National Park, Gauja National Park, Jurmala, Trakai, Kernavė, Siauliai, Cēsis, Neris Regional Park, Žemaitija National Park

Nature Tour
Trekking Tour
Kayaking Tour

Make your way across the European countries of Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia and explore the countryside as you bike and trek along the ancient river valley of Gauja NP and Estonian bogs. Also visit the Vilnius Cathedral, Gediminas Tower, Lake Galve and Trakai Castle.

DAY 01

arrival vilnius

Optional transfer

  • Check-in Algirdas hotel or similar.

  • Arrive in Vilnius, known for its more than 1.200 medieval buildings and 48 churches.

DAY 02

Vilnius – Trakai -Vilnius

  • Sightsee the city and stroll down the Old Town with Vilnius Cathedral, Gediminas Tower, Peter and Paul Church, St. Anna’s Church, Old University and the Gates of Dawn.

  • Visit the Trakai Castle, located on an island in Lake Galve. 

  • Take a walk around the medieval castle museum with your local European guide.

  • Get to know the history and culture of Lithuania and Karaims and Russian Old Believers. 

  • Enjoy the charming small town Trakai and paddle through serene landscapes, navigate around numerous islands on the lake and see the landmarks of Trakai such as Island Castle, Užutrakis Mansion or ruins of Peninsular Castle. 

DAY 03

Vilnius – Kernave (Hike ~5km) – Klaipeda

  • Start with a short drive (~40 km) from Vilnius to Kernave. 

  • Explore an ancient oak forest and deep river valleys in Neris Regional Park. 

  • Discover mysterious fort hills and traces of ancient settlements dating back to 9000 years BCE.

  • Take a walk through Kernavė, and learn about the first medieval capital of Lithuania.

  • Drive (~300) across Lithuania to the coastal city Klaipeda. It first became a part of Lithuania in 1923 and has a long history as a German town called Memel. 

  • Visit the Old Town with its narrow cobblestone streets and old guild houses.

  • Marvel at the Theatre Square and the Aennchen von Tharau.

  • Check-in to the Bohema Art Hotel or similar.

DAY 04

Curonian Spit (bike ~60km)

  • Reach the Curonian Spit, a thin stretch of land between the Baltic Sea and the Curonian Lagoon. 

  • Cross the lagoon and take up a Curonian Spit biking tour. 

  • See small fishing villages, pine forests and endless sand dunes. 

  • Spend the rest of your day at the beach, visiting fisherman’s settlements.

  • Return to the hotel.

Cycling distance Klaipeda - Juodkrante ~60km or Klaipeda – Nida 100km.

DAY 05

Klaipeda – Samogitia - Riga

  • Continue to the Samogitia National Park in Lithuania, called "Žemaitija” (lowlands), to see the picturesque Lake Plateliai. Almost half of the park is covered by forest and only 7% by lakes. It wouldn’t be Lithuania without marshlands and swamps, Samogitia National Park is not an exception. 

  • Take a walk through the bog and climb a viewpoint. 

  • Continue to Siauliai and Hill of Crosses, one of the holiest sites of Catholic Lithuania where till nowadays, are erected thousands of crosses. 

  • Head North to Latvia and reach Riga in the late afternoon. 

Check-in hotel Garden Palace **** or similar.

DAY 06

Riga – Jurmala - Riga(bike ~30km)

  • Take a walk through Riga's Old Town including Riga Castle, the Dome Cathedral, St. Peter’s Church, the Swedish Gate, the Three Brothers, the Large and Small Guilds and the Freedom Monument. Founded in 1201 by the German bishop Albert, Riga is the largest of the three Baltic capitals and boasts a real kaleidoscope of architectural styles.

  • Take a local train from Riga to Majori and paddle in the vibrant seaside town Jurmala along a pine-covered dune. When in the mid-19th-century holidaymakers began escaping the city to relax in Jurmala, it developed as a resort, often called the "Ņorthern Riviera”. 

  • Sightsee the expressive wooden architecture, modern villas, and endless sandy beaches. 

  • Stop for a swim at one of the 11 established swimming areas before boarding the train back to Riga

DAY 07

Riga – Gauja National park (kayak ~8km) - Cēsis

  • The morning, start with a short drive to Gauja National Park, the largest and oldest national park in Latvia.

  • Take the cable car to enjoy picturesque views over the Gauja Valley. Inspired by the beauty of the park, enjoy nature in your leisure.

  • Or you take an optional kayaking tour in the river Gauja to see the sandstone cliffs and outcrops.

  • Afternoon, continue to a small charming town Cēsis.

  • Get acquainted with its old town and medieval castle on a walking tour.

  • Late afternoon, offer an optional local food and wine degustation from Lígatne winery and visit“Anfabrika” rocks and cellars; they are 17 m high, beautiful reddish cliffs. There are several rectangular holes in the foot – these were cellars that were abandoned a long time ago.

Check-in hotel Cēsis *** or similar.

DAY 08

Cēsis – Soomaa National park (hike ~5km) – Tallinn

  • Continue from Cēsis to Estonia and drive to Soomaa National Park (~150 km), the wetlands of Estonia, where you stop by the historical Riisa Study Trail.

  • Walk the great swamp on the wooden path (~5km).

  • Head next to Tallinn in the afternoon. Tallinn is a charming blend of medieval tranquillity and modern urban life.

  • Walk around the old medieval city walls and into the Old Town where you see Toompea Castle, Dome Church, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, medieval Old Town Hall and Great Guild Hall.

Check-in hotel Braavo Spa*** or similar

DAY 09

Lahemaa National Park (hike ~4km)

  • Tour the amazing Lahemaa National Park to explore the Estonian countryside that is home to towering pine forests, picturesque coastline, and mysterious bogs. Your local tour guide will take you to the biggest natural waterfall in Estonia. 

  • Visit the hidden old manor houses of Sagadi and the Forest Museum, where the role played by nature in local lives is displayed. 

  • Next, visit little coastal villages of Käsmu and Altja. 

  • Hike through the Viru Bog on a 3,5 km wooden trail over the wetland. 

  • Return to Tallinn.

DAY 10

Departure Tallinn

  • Take the optional transfer to the airport.

  • 1460 EUR Per Adult (* Double room)
  • 1984 EUR Per Adult (* Single room)
  • 10 overnights in 3 and 4 stars hotels with breakfast buffet

  • Service of 1st class van throughout the itinerary

  • English speaking European tour guide throughout the itinerary

  • Entrances: Vilnius University, Trakai Castle Museum, Kernave archaeological park, and Sagadi forest museum

  • Bike rent: Klaipeda and Jurmala

  • Train ticket Riga – Jurmala – Riga

  • Sigulda cable car ticket

  • Transfer to hotel for 4 PAX, 35 EUR

  • Transfer to airport for 4 PAX, 35 EUR

  • 2 h Trakai kayak tour, 50 EUR per person

  • 2h Gauja National Park kayak tour 50 EUR per person

  • Local food and wine degustation 40 EUR per person

  • Moderate physical fitness is required.  

  • Please dress accordingly to the weather conditions, and wear appropriate footwear (sandals or hiking shoes depending on weather conditions would be ideal).

Riga, Vilnius, Tallinn, Klaipeda, Lahemaa National Park, Soomaa National Park, Gauja National Park, Jurmala, Trakai, Kernavė, Siauliai, Cēsis, Neris Regional Park, Žemaitija National Park

Nature Tour
Trekking Tour
Kayaking Tour

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