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8 Hours Culture tour itinerary for Nagasaki: Check Out This Historic Japanese City


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Explore this Japanese city situated at a harbour area on the island of Kyushu. Visit best of popular attractions such as Nagasaki Peace Park, Tera Machi Temple Street, Confucian shrine, Ōura Church and the Nagasaki Museum of History and Culture. 

DAY 01


This city day tour is not fixed and can be changed to suit travellers interests. From the below mentioned places, you can select a few based upon your interest and then create a fixed itinerary with your Nagasaki tour guide.The, your guide will move out some 4 places and add some some local streets, a good local restaurant and few shops as stopovers between visiting major city attractions. 

These places are:

  • Dejima Dutch Trading Post - an ancient single place of direct trade and exchange between Japan and the outside world during the Edo period.

  • Nagasaki Peace Park - this park commemorates the atomic bombing of this city on August 9, 1945 during World War II. It is situated next to the Atomic Bomb Museum and the Peace Memorial Hall.

  • Suwa Shrine (major Shinto shrine located on the slopes of Mount Tamazono-san, and requires a climb atop a 277-step stone staircase). 

  • Ōura Church - is a Roman Catholic minor basilica and Co-cathedral. 

  • The Twenty-Six Martyrs Museum and Monument - Located on Nishizaka Hill, this site serves as a commemoration on the account of  the 100th anniversary of the canonization by the Roman Catholic Church of the Christians who were executed at this site.

  • Spectacles Bridge (Megane Bridge) -  is situated over the Nakashima River and was built by a Chinese monk Mokusunyoujo. This is also one of the oldest  stone arch bridges.

  • Glover garden - that overlooks the Nagasaki harbor.

  • Confucian shrine - which is a a Confucian temple that was originally built by Chinese residents in Nagasaki as their place of worship and learning centre. 

  • Nagasaki Tera Machi Temple Street - a famous place with many temples, tombs and gravestones in the nearby vicinity. 

  • Nagasaki Museum of History and Culture - a museum that contains about 48,000 items of historical documents. 

  • Nagasaki Perfectural Art Museum - which showcases a varied and unique collection of Nagasaki and Spanish arts

  • End trip with a visit to the Mt. Inasa view point. Capture scenic views at this Mountain of the entire city.

  • 30000 JPY Per Group (* Comment!)
  • Personal tour guide plus his local transportation.

  • All items of personal nature and can be related to personal shopping, souvenirs, snacks and even restaurant meals.

  • Your guide will meet you at Nagasaki station or anywhere in the city centre and will drop you off at Nagasaki station or anywhere in the city centre.

  • The duration of the trip will be 8 hours.

  • For local transportation, we will use street car or walking by foot option and take a taxi/cab occasionally.

  • One day pass for the street car can be availed  for ¥500. And it will cost from 1000 yen to 1600 yen, if you need to take a taxi between sites. Hiring a car for one hour will cost between 4000 yen to 5900 yen depending upon the number of occupants. In that case, please pay it to the driver after the tour in JPY.

  • Keep some 3000 yen - 3000 yen per person with your group, as backup. 


  • One day pass for the tram 500 yen.

  • A-bomb museum 200 yen.

  • Museum 500 yen. (Dejima, Nagasaki Museum of history and culture, Museum of 26 saints)

  • Glover garden 600 yen.

  • Buddhist temple 300 yen.

  • Lunch 1000 yen~ depends on your price range.


Food and Drink Tour
Culture Tour
Museum Tour

Contributed By

Teru Minagawa

starting from
JPY 30000
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Private Tour


This tour is offered throughout the year.

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