I recently went on a six day/five night birding tour with Fisher Souza to the Pantanal in July 2016. I would strongly recommend him as a guide if you are interested in this area, especially if you are a birder.

Fisher was one of the strongest birding experts I've seen in the past years. Given he has been providing tours in the Pantanal for over twenty years, he has near instant recognition of bird species and was almost never wrong when compared against the field guide. Frequently he was able to recognize rare bird calls and through the use of playback almost magically brought them into view. Some of my favorite birds of the trip would not have been possible without him.

Outside of birding, the communication from him was very clear with quick responses to questions via email. After reviewing my interests and budget, he was able to plan a full trip with visits to three different lodges and ample variation in environment to ensure I would maximize the amount of birds I saw. Some of our best birding was done on the road side from the comforts of his truck.

During a six day trip I had 165 confirmed species, many of which were lifers for me, and numerous high quality photos. During the boat excursions, we saw six jaguars, including a gorgeous mother and her two cubs playing during the sunset. Fisher always seemed to know where to see the best wildlife and during my trip I was able to see night monkeys, giant otters, a tapir, an anaconda killing a caiman, and a giant ant eater.

The entire trip was smooth from pick up at my hotel to drop off at the airport. He was a pleasure to spend a week with and very courteous. I would highly recommend Fisher to anyone.