My trip to Tanzania started OK with a large group of us (from England) climbing Kilimanjaro.  Unfortunately, after four days of being poorly, I had to  descend and head back to Moshi while the other 12 carried on.Dennis and two other porters were with me on the mammoth 8 hour trek down which was over some challenging terrain.  I have to hand it to these guys, they looked after me all the way, picking me up when I was down both mentally and physically!So, I had three days before the rest of the group returned - they all summited by the way - and before my safari.  In that time Dennis organised a couple of days out for me, Chemka Hot Springs, Coffee Plantation and Materuni Waterfalls both of which he was with me and I briefly met his wife and two daughters who were lovely.Dennis is a cheeky chappie with a fun sense of humour, is fun , friendly, very knowledgeable and has an excellent command of English and I thoroughly recommend him as a guide to anybody visiting Tanzania.We have stayed in touch and I am happy to call him a friend.