In September 2016, I returned to Vilnius. Like with most cities I always try to go on a "free walking tour". The concept of a free walking tour is they are run on a "tips" basis. This means anyone, whatever their budget can join the tour.  

The tours are a great introduction to the city and as a visitor I feel I am receiving information from someone who loves their city. Milda took a group of us on a walking tour of Vilnius, We started by learning a few words of Lithuanian, a brief history of Lithuania, and as well as the more visited "tourist sites" Milda showed us interesting parts of the city where there are more locals than tourists. Milda tells interesting stories and anecdotes. The tour lasted about 3 hours. After the tour Milda took us to Busi Trecias,  one of her favourite bars which also served Lithuanian food.

Milda also mentioned her other tours, I am hoping to go on one of these tours when I return later this month.