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8 Hours Walking tour itinerary for Bethlehem & Jerusalem: Explore Holy Cities Of Israel And Palestine

Bethlehem, Jerusalem

History Tour
Walking Tour
Explore Holy Cities of Israel and Palestine

View of the city


Walking tour in old city covers Mount Zion and Mount of Olives in Jerusalem and Bethlehem. Also, visit the Temple Mount is an option, but can some other sites cannot be visited.

DAY 01

Program Itinerary

  • We start the day with a taxi bringing us through a checkpoint into Palestinian Territory to Manger Square in Bethlehem. Here we meet a local guide who will join us in the Church of Nativity, the oldest church building in the Holy Land and the place of birth of Jesus. 

  • Next is a short walk in the Old City to the Milk Grotto and as you wish to continue to visit the Shepherds Fields and/or the separation Wall graffiti. Just before going through the checkpoint again you stop at a high point for a view of the area. The taxi will bring us back to the top of the Mount of Olives for a magnificent view and introduction of Jerusalem. We then descend towards the Old City.

  • Mount of Olives is one of the most prominent sites mentioned in the Holy Scriptures. We start our tour with the breathtaking view at the Temple Mount and Old City, with the new city in the background, David’s City, where the whole story began. We talk about the importance of this place in connection with the Last Days of all three religions and the last week in the life of Jesus.

  • Dominus Flevit commemorating of the site, where Jesus wept over the fate of Jerusalem. We will visit the Franciscan church designed by the famous Antonio Barluzzi.

  • Gethsemane/Church Of All Nations - This is without a doubt one of the most impressive sites in Jerusalem and most moving moments in the last days of Jesus; the place, where he prayed alone to God. You can contemplate in the shadow of the ancient olive trees, and visit the modern church built over the ruins of a Byzantine church.

  • Tomb of The Virgin Mary - This Crusader church was built over quarried-out tomb that may well date from the 1st century, surrounded by the atmosphere of the Orthodox Churches, hanging lamps and incense

  • Jaffa Gate, one of the eight gates of the Old City where extraordinary events took through history. Once we officially enter the Old City, we will pass the Tower of David, one of the emblematic buildings of Jerusalem.

  • After crossing the Armenian Quarter, we will exit the walls again through the Zion Gate and arrive at Mount Zion.

  • Mt. Zion - Also called Sion, its name in Old Testament times became projected into a metaphoric symbol for the whole city and the Promised Land. At this location, we will visit important sites associated with events described in Holy Scriptures.

  • Dormition Abbey - Our first stop will be the marvelous church owned by the German Benedictine Order where Mary, Jesus ‘smother, felt asleep.

  • Last Supper Room/Cenacle - A few meters from the church we will continue to this second-story room that commemorates the “upper room” in which Jesus shared the Last Supper with the disciples.

  • Cardo - In the heart of the Jewish Quarter is hidden one of the pearls of Jerusalem, the Roman Cardo, used for centuries as the main street of the city where most of the commercial and social activities were taking place. We will continue through the modern shopping area, where we will learn about ritual objects used in Judaism from centuries until today and we will see the beautiful examples of Jewish modern art.

  • Broad Wall - A few steps from the commercial area we will go back in time, with the help of archeology and the Old Testament, to the days of Hezekiah, when a miraculous event took place and Jerusalem was saved from destruction.

  • Kotel - this is the most significant site in the world for the Jewish people, the Western Wall, where they had prayed for centuries.

  • Via Dolorosa - following the painful path of Jesus on his way to his crucifixion. We will join at the 3rd station after a breathtaking rooftop view at Mount of Olives from the Austrian Hospice.

  • Holy Sepulcher - After Jesus was condemned to death, he was crucified on Mount Golgotha and was buried in a nearby tomb. According to Christian tradition after three days he rose from dead. From this moment the Tomb of Resurrection became the central place of faith for all Christians in the world. This is going to be the end of our tour.

  • 450 USD Per Group (* MAX 3 PERSONS)
  • Transportation from Jerusalem to Bethlehem and back.

  • Entrance fee for walking on the ramparts walls of the Old City.

  • Lunch in Abu Shukri, humus restaurant in the Old City.

  • Inc. transportation, lunch, entrance fees and local guide in Bethlehem.

Bethlehem, Jerusalem

History Tour
Walking Tour

Contributed By

Menno De

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USD 450
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Private Tour


This tour is offered throughout the year on the following days of the week.

  • Monday 10:00
  • Tuesday 10:00
  • Wednesday 10:00
  • Thursday 10:00
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday 10:10
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