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4 Hours Culture tour itinerary for Haifa & Lower Galilee: Participate In Arab Cuisine Cooking Workshop

Haifa, Lower Galilee

Food and Drink Tour
Culture Tour
Cooking Tour

Get a chance to prepare authentic Galilean and Arab cuisine while in Israel. Learn about the different cooking techniques and dishes that are native to this region, and sit down to have a wholesome meal in the end.

DAY 01

Cooking class

  • Start the day (after tea and coffee,of course) with  approximately 3 hours of hands-on preparation of traditional dishes.

  • In the winter and spring, you can find many wild greens, picked fresh from the fields. During late spring and summer, frikki (smoked green wheat) is on the menu.

  • The menu changes seasonally, in keeping with the cycle of life in the Galilee.

  • The workshop is hands-on and not just viewing. You learn to cook the dishes yourselves, with instruction from your host.

  • Once you have finished preparing the delicacies, sit and enjoy the feast with the host and other participants.


  • 75 USD Per Adult (* Groups of 5 or more participants)
  • 110 USD Per Adult (* Groups of 4 or less participants . )
  • Raw ingredients for workshop.

  • Meals. (genuine Middle-Eastern feast)

  • Instruction by host.

  • Recipes, sent by e-mail.

  • Digital photo album, sent by e-mail.

  • Transport.

  • Are you traveling in Israel and looking for something off the beaten track? We offer different types of activities that the whole family will love.

  • Learn how to make Makluba, Hubeza, and Sinya. Maybe you've heard the names but never realized that it's authentic Galilean food. We give you an  authentic experience that will make your trip  to Israel an  unforgettable one. 

  • We will show you Israel through the eyes and palate of a local. Our culinary adventures will allow the participant a hands-on, true to life cultural immersion. It is a unique experience, unlike anything else you've ever done in Israel.

  • Complete one of our cooking workshops having learnt how to cook something that you might, or might not have heard about. After eating what you prepare with your host, you will get a better understand of how people live in rural Galilee.

  • Don't forget to have fun and make the most of this culinary experience.

  • We have Druze, Moslem and Christian hosts, all of whom exemplify the middle-eastern custom of hachnasat orchim; warmly welcoming guests into their homes.

  • Culinary tourism is not just about good eating; that you can do at home. It's about exploring foreign cultures through taste, smell, and experience.

Haifa, Lower Galilee

Food and Drink Tour
Culture Tour
Cooking Tour

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Paul Nirens



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