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5 Days Trekking tour itinerary for czech-republic: Find A Little Piece Of Heaven; Bohemian Paradise

Liberec, Prague, Turnov, Jičín

Trekking Tour
Wellness Tour
Eco Tourism Tour

Discover many places, enjoy stunning views, fill your lungs with fresh air and experience the Czech culture with many wonderful natural places that are unlike anything you have experienced anywhere else during your trip. This retreat is the perfect way to come out of your comfort zone, learn more about yourself and enjoy something completely new. Most importantly, however, a guide will be escorting you through this remarkable countryside and offering you the most unique experience. 

DAY 01

prague to Czech paradise

  • Arrive by midday (travel from Prague).

  • Follow by a half-day hike to Malá Skála which is dominated by the knife-edged ridge. Dominating the ridge is Vranov Castle with an exhibition chamber called Pantheon. The castle was built in the 15thCentury and renovated at the beginning of 19thCentury when the romantic exhibition centre was added to the initial structure. This place offers a fantastic viewpoint overlooking the impressive valley of the Jizera River. 

  • Either walk or drive to the other side of the Valley to the hidden spot of this part of Czech Paradise – the Rock Labyrinth. This is really a “secret“ place which is unknown even to most Czech people. It consists of impressive formations of stacked sandstones hidden in the forest. Also from here, there are many amazing lookouts. 

  • In the evening, you will share an introductory circle.

DAY 02

czech paradise

  • Do meditation in the morning.

  • Followed by a 15km all-day hike going to Hrubá Skála, continue with hiking in a gorgeous part of Czech Paradise called Hruboskalsko Rock Town with iconic sandstone sceneries and the monumental Valdštejn Castle. 

  • Start from Hrubá Skála Chateau and walk the loop trail through the humming pine forests and sandstone rocks formations. There are many stunning lookouts on the way – Prachovna rock formation, (originally a gunpowder storage facility), Vyhlídka na Kapelu [a group of rocks called “Kapela” (the Band) and a solitary rock tower called “Kapelník” (Bandleader)] among many others. 

  • In the middle of the trail, visit the amazing Valdštejn Castle, built in the 13thCentury. The castle is opened for interested visitors and there is a small pub in front of it for a light refreshment. 

  • Finish the loopback at Hrubá Skála Chateau with lunch in their fantastic restaurant that offers typical Czech meals in a very high standard.

  • In the evening, you will finally end with a Yoga session.

DAY 03

czech paradise

  • Enjoy meditation in the morning.

  • Go for a 15km all-day hike the tour continues with a stroll through probably the most beautiful part of the Czech Paradise – a trek called the Golden Path. The starting point is the parking lot next to Věžický Pond (10 min. drive from Hrubá Skála Chateau). From there, you will walk the marvellous Podtrosecké údolí Valley which is famous for its stunning scenery and many interesting rock formations and ponds. The main point of interest of the hike is the famous Trosky Castle Ruins. On the way back, the paths lead through the landscape with amazing nature. Like from a fairy tale. It is no surprise that this location has been popular among the Czech and international filmmakers for its uniqueness and charm.

  • In the evening, you will finally end with a Yoga session.

DAY 04

czech paradise

  • Rejuvenate with meditation in the morning.

  • Embark on a 15km all-day hike. 

  • Visit the most famous parts of the region, and the ‘poster child’ of Český Ráj, is the Prachov Rocks area. Known as Prachovské skály in Czech, these mind-blowing geological formations can be seen from miles around and are a protected site. They’re around 5 km away from Jičín. Hiking tour covering 6 km and providing the best overview of the Prachov Rocks. It takes around 3 hours to complete. A great choice for an active day and the Prachov Rocks are one of the favourite tourist areas in the Czech Republic which belong to the country’s oldest nature reserves. 

  • End with a Yoga session.

DAY 05

czech paradise to prague

  • Do a Sharing Closing Circle.

  • Go for a half-day hike. The last highlight of this tour is the visit of Drápské světničky near Mnichovo Hradiště town. Drábské světničky is a ruin of a 13th-century rock castle on the ragged edge of a sandstone cliff high above the surrounding landscape. The castle covers a group of seven sandstone rocks, connected with wooden bridges. It has been abandoned since the Hussite wars in 15thcentury. 

  • Leave the location by late afternoon and travel back to Prague.

  • 890 GBP Per Adult , 590 GBP Per Child (* shared room)
  • 1190 GBP Per Adult (* single private room)
  • 3 meals per day (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

  • Cost of transport from Prague and back

  • Local, English speaking guide for the entire trip

  • Yoga and meditation sessions

  • Massage treatments

  • Daily hikes

  • Special food (diet)

  • Transport from the airport

  • Extra massage treatments

  • Travel insurance

  • Flight to the destination

  • The retreats are unique packages that include hiking in combination with yoga and meditation. These are packages for 1-5 days or more that can be customised to group needs and include attending an amazing retreat in a stunning prehistorical rock formation setting that can include daily yoga, meditation classes and guided hikes! If you love wild places and feel like you're in need of an energetic reset, this is the retreat for you! 

  • Czech Adventure is a tour company born in the heart of Europe, focused on Czech experience with hiking and trekking in the beautiful Czech countryside. All you need is a pair of hiking boots and the passion to travel to new destinations.

  • Explore the breathtaking Bohemian Paradise UNESCO Geopark, one of the most visited places in the Czech Republic. In just an hour's drive from Prague, you can revel in a true archaeological, geological, and cultural gem. It’s time to discover why this fairy tale Bohemian Paradise area has attracted writers, painters, artists and dreamers of all kinds. You too can enjoy strolling past romantic ponds, admiring extensive rock towns and waking in the countryside panoramic views of this region which is known in Czech as Český ráj.

  • Even if you have never hiked before, you will experience how it feels to reach the top of the mountains or walk in the deep forest and witness the amazing nature of this beautiful country. Everyone walks at their own pace, so you have time to breathe and stay present at the moment.

  • During your trip, you will discover many places, enjoy stunning views, fill your lungs with fresh air and experience the Czech culture. You will experience a heightened awareness of your surroundings and connect with Czech culture and nature. There are miles and miles of deep forests, and rocky mountains, with many wonderful natural places that are unlike anything you have experienced anywhere else.

  • Stay in recreation facilities near to Turnov or Jičín, from where you will also go daily tours.

  • Accommodation can be private or shared during the stay and is included in the price. Daily trips to the mountains are more demanding and therefore there is a need for a certain physical condition and strength to walk on mountain terrain and to be able to walk around 10-15 km per day. 

  • Also, the tour operators will be ensuring your safety and welfare during the hike and the entire trip. Accommodation, which can be private or shared during the stay, is included in the price.

  • In order to experience a true connection with nature and to fully relax, the perfect tourist retreat package has been prepared for you a 5-day hiking retreat in Czech Paradise National Park. Visit the most popular tourist destinations in Czechia and discover a unique combination of bizarre rock formations!

  • Squeeze through the crevices, climb up the narrow paths and enjoy the amazing views. You may have the feeling that stories, people’s lives and even time itself has been petrified in the rocks around you. Sandstone “towns” with their gorges, towers, vistas and paths, sites where precious stones are to be found, castles, chateaux and fairy-tales featuring brave knights, beautiful princesses and rough and ready highwaymen: these are the characteristic features of the totally unique Bohemian Paradise, whose exceptional landscape has been listed among UNESCO Global Geoparks.

  • Reconnect with your deepest self through transformative yoga, pranayama and daily meditation practices that will leave you feeling refreshed, vibrant, and grounded. 

  • This is a very personalized trip and it is for small groups only, thus the guests can expect a lot of individual attention with advice on clothing, weather, what to pack, as well as fitness levels prior to the trip.

Additional info about the hike

What do I need to bring?

  • The most single important thing is to wear comfortable hiking boots or sport shoes suitable for a forest walk. The ground can be uneven and high heels are absolutely a no-go for the trip. While you need no special hiking clothing or equipment, it is recommended you do bring sunscreen and a hat for the sunny weather, or a rain jacket for wet weather, and additionally, pack an extra layer if it is chilly.

Am I fit enough for a hike?

  • Even if you’re not a regular hiker but are keen to get a taste of the Czech countryside, you do need to be reasonably fit for a hike with Czech Adventure, as hill climbs come with the territory. Your guide will make sure you are comfortable with the pace and stop as often as you need. The philosophy is to slow down and appreciate the beauty of nature.

Can you provide a vegetarian or vegan lunch?

  • At the moment, the choice of vegetarian/vegan food in the Czech countryside is not large, however, there is a limited option for vegetarian meals like grilled cheese, grilled vegetable, fried potatoes, risotto, etc. The tour operators find it is appropriate to always advise guests that if they are concerned about this, to bring some suitable snack/food with them in case of non-availability of their dietary needs.

Liberec, Prague, Turnov, Jičín

Trekking Tour
Wellness Tour
Eco Tourism Tour

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Czech Adventure

starting from
GBP 890
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Private Tour


The tour is available from 01 May to 31 Oct on the following days of the week.

  • Monday 08:00
  • Tuesday 08:00
  • Wednesday 08:00
  • Thursday 08:00
  • Friday 08:00
  • Saturday 08:00
  • Sunday 08:08
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