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4 Days History tour itinerary for Adigrat, Adua & Aksum: Tour To Tigrai Rock Hewn Churches

Adigrat, Adua, Aksum

Architecture Tour
Archeology Tour
History Tour
Tour to Tigrai Rock Hewn Churches

Tigrai is the home of 125 rock-hewn churches. These are the oldest and most impressive ancient churches. Not only this, but Tigrai is also famous for its dramatic mountains, beautiful landscapes, culture and the most holy land in Ethiopia. 

DAY 01

Visit the Capital of Aksumite Kingdom

  1. Aksum was used to be the capital of Aksumite Kingdom which was one of the oldest civilization in Ethiopia and most powerful empire in the world between China, Persian and Romans.

  2. Now it is famous for its remarkable giant Obelisks, tombs, palaces and the home of the original Ark of the Covenant. 

DAY 02

Yeha and Debre Damo Church

  1. Yeha was the oldest historical place in Ethiopia which was established by the people who were living in the south Arabian or sabean people.  

  2. We will visit Debre Damo Monastery church, which was built by St. Abune Aregawi who was one of the nine monks who come from outside Ethiopia to spread Orthodox Christianity. So this church was built on top of a hill and then to day the only access to climb is using the leather rope. 

DAY 03

Holy Saviour church and Abune yemata

  1. Holy Saviour church is located on the way to Gherealta churches.  It is one of the oldest rock churches found in Tigrai even in Ethiopia  and so impressive one.

  2. Abune yemata Guh church is found in Gherealta cluster, which is a unique cave church that takes 45 minutes from the main road, it is a bit difficult reach the church. Inside is an amazing well decorated and crafted with ancient style as well the paintings are so bright they still kept their original colours.

  3. This kind of church is not recommended for people who have afraid of heights and climbing. 

DAY 04

Wukro churches

  1. Wukro is a small booming town found 47 kms north of Mekelle. It has few rock churches inside and outside. These are Wukro Cherkos and Abraha and Atsibha church. Both this churches were built at same time by the same two twin Aksumite kings ,king Ezana and Saizana date back to 4th century A.D.  Each of them has their own interesting things. 

  2. At the end we will visit Wukro Museum then drive to Mekele. 

  • 700 USD Per Adult (* You will get discount for groups )

The tour includes: 

  1. Guides

  2. Car, fuel and driver

  3. All entrance fees

  4.  Hotel accommodation for budget traveller

  5. 3 meals per day

  6. Domestic flights

  7. Water

  8. Coffee

  9. Soft drinks 

The tour excludes:

  1. Tips

  2. Alcoholic beverage

  3. Fees for video and pictures

  4. Rope

  5. Other personal expenses. 

It's not a fixed itinerary. I am a young flexible man so I am always besides you to fullfil your interest and you can choose and discuss about it. For a group of tourists we can offer discounts. 

Adigrat, Adua, Aksum

Architecture Tour
Archeology Tour
History Tour

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Haile Demewoz

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USD 700
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Private Tour


The tour is available from 03 May to 03 May on the following days of the week.

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