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8 Days Culture tour itinerary for ethiopia: Set Out In Search Of Tribal Omo Valley Revelries

Arba Minch, Jinka, Mago National Park, Turmi

Culture Tour
Camping Tour
Tribal Experience Tour
Set out in search of Tribal Omo Valley revelries

Turmi Hamer Bull Jumping


Choose the Omo Valley Tour, a classic Ethiopian/African destination with incredible safari opportunities and many unique tribal highlights. Amongst many tribal groups, you will find Karo, the Mursi, and the Hamer — all of whom have preserved their ancient ways of life.

DAY 01


Arba Minch – Jinka 290km  

  • Visit the Konso Villages & enter Lower Omo Valley in Weito.

  • Meet the Tsemay Tribe via Key Afer “Banna Tribe”.

Overnight will stay Jinka

DAY 02

Mursi mago national park

  • Have an early start and drive to Mursi Mago National Park & visit Mursi Tribe Villagers, most aggressive out of all of them but fascination to be seen because of their clay lip plate traditions. Out of all the tribes, the guide would have to say they had the roughest of villages with dung literally everywhere.

  • Head back to Hammer stay for an overnight Turmi Lodge or similar.

DAY 03

Turmi hammer

  • See the Turmi Hamer Tribe while searching for ceremonies & cultural events! If possible Bull Jumping Ceremony, Wedding Ceremony & visit Schools & Pastoral Society daily life will be available to witness. 

Overnight in Turmi

DAY 04

dassenech tribes

  • Experience a unique tribe, the Dassenech Tribe, which is only reached by crossing a river. You will have the option to ride on a traditional boat without a motor which is carved from a large tree trunk.

  • In the afternoon, visit a very remote village of the Hammer tribe.

  • At night, camp alongside this isolated tribe.

DAY 05

Gnagatom and kara tribes

  • Have an early start to this day and cross Omo River to visit Nyangatom Tribe Villagers.

  • In the afternoon, visit the Karo tribes living near to Omo River.

  • At night, stay at the Turmi.

DAY 06

Bena tribes and market

  • Drive to the Benna.

  • Visit the Benna market& tribes where you will enjoy a fabulous night of traditional dance and food.

  • Camp under the stars at the Benna tribe village.

DAY 07

Arebore village camping

  • Visit the Arbore tribe village who farm on the shores of the Weito River.

  • Camp under the stars at the Arbore village.

DAY 08

Ariba Minch airport

  • In the morning, drive back to Arba Minch and have lunch.

  • Head to Ariba Minch Airport.

  • 1300 USD Per Adult (* Budget, including full services)
  • All meals and accommodation including hot and soft drinks plus purified bottled water. B = breakfast, L = lunch, D = dinner: as the Itinerary hotel and/or camping  

  • All ground transportation by Land cruiser including fuel and driver

  • Ethiopian Guide Service & Profession fee. The informative guide speaks English and tribal languages

  • All entrance/community and local associations fees in each destination

  • Boat trip 

  • Special fees like bull jumping, market, Evangadi etc

  • Scout on the Mursi Park

  • Photo fee

  • Others private expense, alcohol, shopping.

  • The Omo Valley is a classic Ethiopian/African destination with incredible safari opportunities and many unique tribal highlights. This can be tailored to your interests. Isolated for millennia from the rest of the world, the beautiful Omo Valley is home to an exciting mix of many small and distinctive tribal groups. Amongst others, you will find the Karo, the Mursi, and the Hamer — all of whom have retained their own unique customs and traditions.

What makes the Alliance Omo Valley Guide unique?

  • The guide is honest and trustworthy. The guide always respects and give priority for clients with flexibility for your trip, looking for the flexibility of planning and put together a trip that would allow to getting more of an authentic and hands-on experience.

  • When looking for a trip, this is what you should be looking for:

  • Someone that understands your request to have an experience that is hands-on and not on the typical tourist path

  • Ability to completely customize an itinerary.  Personalized service is key

  • Affordable price 

  • Personal connections with certain tribes to get you inside access that most large tour companies don't have.

  • Explicit about inclusions and exclusions. You want this to be as all-inclusive as possible as to not worry about additional costs along the way.

  • You never worried about logistics and accommodation at all.

  • Speak many languages- fluently speak the national language (Amharic) and locally spoken languages in Omo valley.

  • Will make the content of the talk close to the audience's background. Translate using local language to English. Share contextual stories and interesting information: open to talk to tourists and give them interesting stories of the destination, especially those related to their traditional cultures or the natural environment by keeping it simple, clear, short and straight to the information needs.

  • The guide will tell you reliable information: Getting information is simple but making sure is difficult. The guide should have to use validated sources of information to address the intended need of tourists. Do not exaggerate the story.

  • Ability to present information clearly, effectively and persuasively with proven abilities to facilitate and encourage open communication to strive for effective communication;

  • The guide knows more about the South Omo region than almost anyone else.

  • Commitment to the community, personal connection to the tribes, and insights Ethiopia.

  • Good reputation for the village: a good image of the local people and destination will be created when people together provide good services in the destination. Tourists will perceive the reputation of a village when they experience a single service as well as hospitality, safety and security in the destination as a whole.

Arba Minch, Jinka, Mago National Park, Turmi

Culture Tour
Camping Tour
Tribal Experience Tour

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Yehualashet Belete

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