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05 Days History tour itinerary for ethiopia: Check Off From A List Of Quintessential Landmarks

Addis Ababa, Aksum, Bahir Dar, Gondar, Lalibela

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Sightsee Ethiopia's most famous sites such as a boat ride on Lake Tana, Blue Nile Falls, historic monasteries, monolithic red churches, former royal palaces, tombs and so much more. In these Ethiopian cities, you will gain better insights into this African nation. 

DAY 01

Fly Addis Ababa-Bahir dar- Boat trip & Blue Nile Falls

  • Early in the morning arrive at the domestic terminal of Addis Ababa Bole Airport, check-in and fly to Bahir Dar. Upon arrival, directly transfer to the hotel.

  • After breakfast, take a boat trip on Lake Tana and visit two of the most accessible and representative of the monasteries with very beautiful well painting from the medieval time still serving their original function, Ura Kidane Mehret and Azwa Maryam.

  • Ride back to Bahir Dar. On the way, see the outlet of the famous Blue Nile the longest river in the world as it depart from the lake.

  • Break for lunch.

  • In the afternoon, a drive to the Blue Nile Falls, (the water amount of the fall is depending on the rain), but the drive and walking by its self is great and enjoyable. 

Overnight hotel.

DAY 02

Drive Bahir dar- Gonder – Explore Camelot of Africa

  • After breakfast, drive to Gonder 180 km to conduct a tour of Gondar known as the “Camelot” of Africa, settled in the foothills of the breathtaking Semien Mountains National Park in the northwestern part of the country. It was the 17th and 18th century capital city of Ethiopia, which was founded by Emperors Fasiladas (1632 – 1667) and was home to a number of emperors & warlords, curtsies and kings who built several castles and palaces around the area.

  • Visit the oldest and the most impressive Gonderine structure, the magnificent castle compound including the two-storied palace of Emperor Fasiladas, built of roughly hewn brown basalt stone held together with mortar, the fantastically decorated Debre Brehan Selassie Church (Light of Trinity), the bath (now baptismal place during Ethiopian Epiphany, January 19) of King Fasiladas and the ruined palace of Queen Mintiwab at Qusquam, where the Scottish explorer James Bruce used to reside for sometime. 

Overnight hotel

DAY 03

Fly Gonder- Axum- Explore Ancient holy city of Axum

  • Early morning after breakfast, transfer to the airport for a flight further north takes you to the oldest city in Ethiopia, Axum.

  • Go for an eight km drive to the Town check-in hotel.

  • Start exploring Axum, a place where the cradle of Ethiopian culture Christianity and the first capital of Ethiopia until the 9th century A.D. On this day, you will visit the small but rich archaeological museum, the famous stele park, where the magnificent single block of stones erected since 3rd century, the Saint Mary of Zion Cathedral, where the original Holy Ark of the Covenant is still sheltered, however except one guardian (priest) no one is allowed to enter in to the sanctuary where the ark stays.

  • Continuing your visit which includes the subterranean tomb of King Kalbe and his son king Gebremeskel, 6th Century AD, the trilingual inscription of king Ezana and finally, the ruin palace and bath of Queen of Sheba who was the mother of king Menilik I of the 950 B.C. 

Overnight hotel

DAY 04

Fly Axum-Lalibela - Visit to the 8th wonders of the world

  • After breakfast, transfer to the airport to fly to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Lalibela - the Jerusalem of Ethiopia, in a fitting finale to your Ethiopian adventure. 

  • Explore the first group of the monolithic red-Tuff churches incredibly carved into the rock. Your Ethiopian tour guide will lead you through the network of crevices and tunnels linking each of the churches. The churches are still in use today. 

  • Finally, walk to the separately standing, uncovered and beautiful Saint Georges Church down to narrow path to the church; step inside and you will see a robed priest going about his timeless business.

  • Late afternoon, drive back to your hotel. 

Overnight Hotel.

DAY 05

Fly Lalibela – Addis Ababa- Departure

  • Early morning after breakfast, a quick visit the eastern (second) group of rock churches smaller in size. These are no less impressive, with intricate carvings and many dark tunnels to explore.

  • Transfer to the airport to fly back to Addis Ababa.

  • Upon arrival, more free time for shopping.

  • In the evening, head to the farewell evening cultural dinner party in one of the traditional Ethiopian restaurant with dances from the different ethnic groups.

  • Transfer to airports for your departure.

  • 2010 USD Per Adult
  • Full board meals

  • Accommodation

  • Ethiopian tour guide

  • Domestic and international flight 

  • Alcoholic drinks

  • The tour can be arranged based on your interest.

  • 5 Days Historic Tour: Bahir Dar, Gonder, Axum, Lalibela

Addis Ababa, Aksum, Bahir Dar, Gondar, Lalibela

Architecture Tour
Archeology Tour
History Tour

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