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11 Days Culture tour itinerary for eritrea: Discover Colonial Buildings & Visit Port Cities, Market Towns

Adi Keyh, Asmara, Dahlak Archipelago, Keren, Massawa, Nefasit, Senafe

Architecture Tour
Culture Tour
Sightseeing Tour
Discover colonial buildings & visit port cities, market towns

A boating trip to on the clear blue

Dahlak Archipelago-Eritrea

Take a special tour across the main cities of Eritrea-  start from the distinguished capital, then a trip to the second largest city in the highlands to view famous orange orchards and coffee terraces. Visit Qohaito ruins, Metera site, Dahlak Archipelago, the ancient port of Adulis, train tunnels of Nefasit etc. 

DAY 01

Asmara City Tour

Take a tour of Asmara's World Heritage Sites:

  •  Churches.

  • Mosques.

  • Villas.

  •  Cinemas.

  • Gas Stations.

  • The National Museum.

DAY 02

Asmara City Tour

Visit the following:

  • Markets (Metal, Vegetable, Craft, Other Surrounding Markets).

  • Tank Graveyard.

  • Cemetery Tour.

DAY 03

Keren Town Tour

  • Head for Keren, the second largest city of Eritrea. 

  • Depending on your arrival, the plan can be changed because the camel market takes place every Monday.

DAY 04

Keren Town Tour

  • Visit the Keren Baobab Tree church.

  • Head to the Italian and British Army cemetery.

DAY 05

Adi Keyh Town Tour

  • Head to Adi Keyh, a market town in Eritrea, lying approximately 110 kilometers southeast of Asmara.

  • Visit the ruins of Qohaito.

DAY 06

Senafe Town Tour

  • Get on your way, driving to Senafe, another market town in southern Eritrea.

  •  Visit the Metera Archeological site.

DAY 07

Massawa City Tour

  • Weave your way to Massawa, a port city in Eritrea, on Africa's Red Sea, with it's mix of Italian, Egyptian and Ottoman architecture.

  • Visit Old Ottoman Turk Building sites and the oldest mosque in Africa.

DAY 08

Dahlak Islands Tour(Madote ISLAND)

  • Head to the verdant and vibrant Dahlak Archipelago, consisting of two large and 124 small islands.

  • Undertake a slew of activities such as camping, snorkeling, diving, fishing and cooking the local delicacies.

DAY 09

Dahlak Islands Tour(surgam island)

  • Continue to get immersed in the Dahlak Archipelago.

DAY 10

Massawa City Tour

  • Head back to Massawa for a visit to the Adulis Archeological site.

DAY 11

Nefasit Small Town Tour

  • Take a quick tour of Nefasit for it's landscape views and train tunnels. 

  • Savour traditional food and music.

  • Head to Asmara for a flight back.

  • 1900 USD Per Adult
  • Airport meet on arrival and departure.

  • Travel between airport and hotels.

  • Hotel accommodation as included in the itinerary.

  • Private vehicle transport.

  • Expert Eritrean tour guide.

  • Paid admission to various listed sites.

  • Meals as mentioned.

  • Flights.

  • Visa expenses.

  • Meals not on the tour itinerary.

  • Travel insurance expenses.

  • Driver and guide gratuities.

Adi Keyh, Asmara, Dahlak Archipelago, Keren, Massawa, Nefasit, Senafe

Architecture Tour
Culture Tour
Sightseeing Tour

Contributed By

Philemon Kesete

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USD 1900
Type of Tour

Private Tour


The tour is available from 21 May to 31 Oct on the following days of the week.

  • Monday 07:30
  • Tuesday 07:30
  • Wednesday 07:30
  • Thursday 07:30
  • Friday 07:30
  • Saturday 07:30
  • Sunday 07:07
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